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CDC reschedules retreat

-amid gasoline shortage

In recognition of the two years tremendous achievements of the CDC-led government, being ably steered by His Excellency President George M. Weah, the leadership of The governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) postpones its National Celebratory, Policy, Legacy and Prosperity Retreat earlier scheduled for 14 February to March 07, this year in the wake of serious scarcity of gasoline that has hit the nation, paralyzing economic activities.

Liberia has been seriously affected by nearly a month-long scarcity of the commodity, crippling the transport sector and the entire economy, already plummeted by lack of cash, inflation, high exchange rate and prices.

Addressing a press conference in Monrovia on Wednesday, February 12, CDC national chairman, MulbahMorlu said irrespective of the fact that these monstrous events are Coalition-led programs, it has nonetheless, perhaps for the first time in a unique way, breached political party barriers, attracting mass support from all sides, discounting party, religious, gender or ethnic identities.

Morlu explains the momentous enthusiasm amongst Coalition members, inspired by the thriving success of two-year rule of President Weah, made it easier to mobilize the constituencies.
According to him, in a unique way, thousands upon thousands of women and youths have been dominating these meetings daily, demonstrating unprecedented partisan intensity, energy and vehemence toward February 14-15 National Retreat. Even more so is the record support from non-political groupings, marketers, student groups and Petty-Traders, etc.

He says hence, not only is the CDC base maximally mobilized and is ready for the 14th and 15th events forecast to coalesce hundreds of thousands of participants, but is also hugely impacted by unprecedented and astounding international support as Stalwarts and members of the CDC-USA Chapter, CDC-Canada, an CDC-Europe continue to arrive in record numbers.

Morlu intimates that despite the undoubted preparedness and the huge energy, sacrifice and efforts the CDC has invested into the organizing process, the party as the most powerful political establishment of the ordinary people, must never forget the source of its strength and the fundamental essence for its existence.

The CDC’s creation as a robust political infrastructure was legitimized by a century of egregious insensitivity to the plight of the ordinary people by a select and privileged few. As a party of hope and redemption for millions of Liberians, he adds, saying the CDC cannot even countenance to thread the path of errant flaws, oftentimes, dehumanizing the people.

“Subsequently, in reference to the current fuel shortage, while we support government’s efforts to alleviate the fuel shortage, we also urge the GOL to double efforts in ways that make the transaction of business and movement of our people easier. As such, in solidarity with the people, the true custodians of the Coalition for Democratic Change, the National Executive Committee has hereby rescheduled the CDC National Retreat to now take place on Saturday, March 7, 2020 at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, ATS. In furtherance, the party’s Reconciliation Roundtable will now take place on 6 March 2020 at the National Headquarters of the CDC in Congo Town,” Morlu announces.

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Chairman Morlu continues that in light of the adjustment, which he describes as an expedient leadership action in the interest of the people, all District Coordinators across Montserrado County’s 17 districts and adjoining counties are asked to conduct mass meetings in their respective constituencies on Saturday, February 15, 2020 to pass on the message. By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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