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China donates ambulances, medical supplies

China through its embassy near Monrovia has delivered to Liberian defense authorities medical supplies brought in two coozing containers valued nearly US$3m, including two military ambulances built with self – contained intensive care units (ICUs), capable of treating patients in the field.

Defying a heavy downpour Thursday, 2 July, Liberia’s Defense Minister Daniel D. Ziankahn, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Maj. General Prince C. Johnson, III and officials of the AFL high command received the donation presented by Chinese Senior Col. Han Xiao at the 14th Military Hospital.

“Facing the COVID -19 outbreak that caught us all by surprise, the Chinese government has put people’s life and health first, including foreign friends who study or work in China,” Senior Col. Han says during the donation.

He explains that at the most difficult moment “in our fight against the pandemic,” Liberian President George Manneh Weah, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Speaker Bhofal Chambers and other senior officials including Minister Ziankahn, General Johnson and his deputy Brigadier General Geraldine George expressed firm support to the Chinese people.

“The Chinese are a grateful nation. These medical supplies at cost of nearly 3 million US dollars are our feedback,” Senior Col. Han says. Considering the full use of the medicines by the AFL, he says China has done a lot to guarantee that all the 47 kinds of medicines have at least half of expiry date left, explaining that they asked all the dealers to provide new products which have at least two thirds of expiry date left.

He discloses that the second batch of this aid, including medical devices, laboratory equipment, emergency department equipment, obstetrics equipment, surgical instrument and outpatient equipment will arrive in the middle of September this year. “We hope all this aid will enhance the capacity of 14th military hospital, and will serve AFL soldiers and their [families] at high levels,” Senior. Col. Han adds.

Concluding, he notes that in the near future, China wishes to inject new energy to the long – term development of this good relationship, and will try to help the AFL with its overall development by providing more support and assistance to further existing traditional friendship and cooperation between China and Liberia.

Receiving the donation, Defense Minister Daniel Ziankahn expresses thanks and appreciation to Col. Han, the Chinese Embassy and the Chinese government for the intervention, saying “we have always” dreamt of making the 14th Military Hospital second to none.

Minister Ziankahn expresses hope that the hospital will make the best use of the donation, saying the donation is meant only to make intervention in Liberia’s fight against coronavirus because it was in the pipeline years ago. As indicated by Senior Col. Han, Minister Ziankahn says the defense authorities will be looking forward to the Chinese for more training of their soldiers.

Major Joseph Cole, Commanding Officer for AFL Health Services expresses the AFL’s appreciation to the Chinese Embassy for thinking about the 14th Military Hospital and donating medical supplies and ambulances well – equipped to be used for any purpose. According to Maj. Joseph, the two ambulances have everything in them to maintain life, saying: I have never seen” ambulances of that kind in Liberia.

He says the ambulances have ICUs and will work for the common people and the VIPs, thanking the Chinese people for a good start. Prior to the construction of the 14th Military Hospital, Maj. Joseph notes that Liberia was the only country in the Mano River Union (MRU) that did not have a military hospital, saying that has been changed.

By Winston W. Parley

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