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China downplays corruption here

ChineseWang Yi NDChina’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, says whether a certain government is corrupt or not, “it’s not to be judged by outsiders – but only by the people.”

Mr. Yi led an eight-memberdelegation here over the weekend to see firsthand progress achieved so far in the post –Ebola recovery effort in Liberia, exchange views on the challenges that may face the recovery process and to explore means of consolidation of Liberia-China relationship, among others.

Prior to a press stake-out with Liberia’s Foreign Minister Augustine KpeheNgafuan, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Mr. Yi discussed cooperation especially, in the arear of training for health personnel that are needed across the country.

At his second stop in Liberia from neighboring Sierra Leone before heading for Guinea on Sunday, the Chinese envoy expressed through an interpreter that the least thing Africans would want to see is for foreigners to be their judge or judges.

Instead, he argued that as least developed countries, what they hope to see is for foreign countries to help them have enough food, jobs, houses to live in and to improve their living standards day-by-day as “China is doing exactly.”

“I believe that all the African governments elected by their people have the capability and such awareness to handle the corruption problems that may happen; otherwise, the people would not have elected them as their leaders,” Mr. Yi said.

In such regard, he said houses and roads built by China are visible around here as Chinese footprint in helping the people of Liberia, including refurbishing the American –built Foreign Ministry facility in Monrovia where the press stake-out was held, among others.

On health issues, he sees Liberia’s success to end Ebola ahead of the two other worst-hit neighboring states – Sierra Leone and Guinean as a miracle, saying that he had come here to congratulate Liberia and more importantly, to discuss specific ways to advance China-Liberia cooperation.

According to him, China and Liberia have realized the importance of a lasting, stable and strong relationship, which is entirely in the interest of a long-term and fundamental interest of the people. The Liberian government has described Mr. Yi’s two-day visit here as an authentication of the strength of the mutually beneficial relationship between China and Liberia, and that the visit has given a new stimulus to the already strong relationship.

Liberia’s Foreign Minister, Augustine KpeheNgafuan, recalled earlier during the press stake-out on Sunday, 9 August that China came first to Liberia during the Ebola crisis and helped the country to get back on its feet, and it is again helping Liberia “to run faster to catch-up.”

Already, Mr. Ngafuan says China has committed to expediting already agreed projects – including the Ministerial Complex expected to house ten ministries; and to construct an annex to the Legislature, among numerous projects.

Additionally, China has committed to increasing the number of scholarship to Liberia annually from 15 to 40, Minister Ngafuan said. Meanwhile, China’s Foreign Ministry has committed to help Liberia’s Foreign Ministry to construct, donating US$320,000 to assist Liberia construct a diplomatic lounge at the Roberts International Airport in Margibi County.

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