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Clergyman urges Liberians to exercise faith in fighting Covid – 19

The Senior Pastor and Founder of Seomi God’s Family Church in Caldwell, New Georgia, Reverend Henry Success Mayson has urged his congregation and the people in Liberia to exercise faith if Covid – 19 will leave the country.

“We all know the danger this virus has brought to the world, but yet we turn to forget the working of God. Look my brethren, if we must be freed from this virus, I urge you this congregation, and every Bible – believing Christian to exercise faith,” he said Sunday, 7 June in a sermon.

Speaking on the theme: “Fear Not from,” from Second Timothy 1-7, Rev. Mayson encourages people in the country to focus their attention on God rather than ordinary men.“For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but he has given us the spirit of a power, and love, and a sound mind to overcome those things that will want to haunt us down,” he continues.

The clergy observes that often, people in the country complain about the difficulties they are undergoing and some even accuse national leaders of doing nothing to find remedy to the challenges they are faced with. Yet he says when “we are given a little opportunity” and misuse it, that’s when “we turn our focus on God, and badmouth government.”

In his admonishment to the congregation, he states that the Church should be seen as a place of rescue and hope for people that will lost their way, rather than a place of showing up, or a place people go to bluff. Rev. Mayson cautions that when people turn their back on their creator, they create fear in themselves, and they suffer. But he notes that it takes prayers, fasting and faith to overcome those challenges and difficulties that God will bring on them.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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