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Council of Churches warns citizens

The Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) has warned citizens here to refrain from using hate speech in the country, saying hate speech is undermining the country’s progress and has the propensity to derail the peace process here.

A press release issued this week under the signature of LCC president Bishop Kortu Brown, the religious organization frowns against the usage of hate speech by citizens and politicians in the country. LCC adds that the usage of hate speech has the ability to impede the smooth transition process that citizens across the country are anticipating.

LCC argues that that if Liberia must get on the right trajectory path to be compared to its counterparts in the region interns of development and other things, the issues of hate speech especially in this election period must not be condoned in any part of the society.

LCC says it is fully and conscientiously aware of the political dynamics Liberia has faced over the years, noting that “The council involvement as a peace broker, rights advocate and strong voice of the people says that counting on the historical narrative of the country from 1980 to present, the quest for the rule of law to be tested has been demonstrated”.

According to the LCC, the citizens of Liberia have grown over the years exercising political maturity, and the government here is making sure that a smooth transition of political powers is carried out.

The Council says Liberians have continued to demonstrate a good posture of saying no to violence and yes to peace by going to the polls and demonstrating their action by voting for candidates of their choices.

The Council of Churches points out that it acknowledges the pathway of petitioners to seek legal redress through the court system on the conduct of the October 10 presidential and representatives’ elections, and also the mature manner in which the Supreme Court has acted upon the matter.

At the same the council further states that it recognizes the seriousness, time and efforts that the Supreme Court exhibited in the hearing of the case file by Liberty Party on allege fraud in the elections.

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The LCC says the ruling of the Supreme Court has given hope to the Liberian people, and they further thank members of the Supreme Court bench for the level of maturity in handing down justice.

The Council also thanks the petitioners for respecting the law, and every Liberian for exercising patience in upholding and respecting the rule of law. It concludes with a call on the Elections Commission to overhaul the election mechanism and rectify the challenges encountered during the elections.

Council of Churches warns citizens–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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