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CPP sends 2023 message (pt3 of 5):

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–Weah sees writing on the wall

A mysterious hand with funny writings appears on the wall of a Babylonian King, while he and his nobles wine and dine with pride as he defies the treasures of the of the loot from the Temple.

That hand writing was clear, the king was about to lose his Kingdom, this was all because of pride and arrogance-he and his followers had failed to listen and were about to lose their Kingdom to a foreign army.

The result of the Tuesday December 08, Senatorial elections is that mystery hand writing on the walls of the Foreign Ministry, the temporary home of President George M. Weah where the cool breeze of the Atlantic Ocean blows from the back.

The meaning is simple, Mr. Weah and his ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), must just be thrown out come 2023 and like the ancient Babylonian King, president Weah could as well lose the presidency to the opposition.

Liberians made that clear on last Tuesday that they are fed up with the policies of the CDC and they are demanding a change. That message was loud and clear and no other vehicle had been used to demonstrate that than the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

The CPP with its lousy internal bickering over power struggles was able to pull themselves together and wrestled from the hands of the CDC at least 3 senatorial seats in addition to retaining theirs.

The CPP combined with both independent candidates and two other smaller opposition parties were able to in total win or are projected to win 12 Senate seats out of 15 being contested for.

While President Weah and his CDC maybe licking their wounds from their defeat, wondering how the party had gotten here, a policy check and a change in approach to main stream media could be areas of consideration. However, a continuation on the old path as has been in the last three years would complete the doom for the Weah Presidency.

President Weah in his post-election speech acknowledged that, when he noted that the results of the elections reflects the voices of the Liberian people-meaning the Liberian people had spoken-words that continue to echo through the nation.

Former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was quick to seize on the moment when she congratulated Mr. Weah and the head of the National Elections Commission Davidetta Brown-Lasanah for respecting the choices of the Liberian people.

The CPP message has only been clearer because of the failure of the Weah regime to live up to its mandates-respect for human rights, rules of law, and improving the living standard of the Liberian people-many of whom are living in abject poverty.

This election has been the message of the Liberian people-they may be seeing the CPP as the potential replacement of the Weah regime-that writing is on the wall and President Weah understands that perfectly well. (To be continued).

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