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Dalian Halian donates to Seamen, Workers Union of Liberia

Dalian Halian Sea Product, an industrial firm in Liberia, has donated about forty fauceted buckets, soap and chlorine including other needed items to members of the United Seamen and Industrial Workers Union of Liberia.

The gesture, according to the president general of the union, Samuel Siafa is their way of identifying with that body during the COVDI-19 crisis. Speaking at the presentation ceremony recently, Mr. Siafa thanked the Dalian Halian Sea Product for such a meaningful and timely initiative.

“The initiative is timely and laudable and we are grateful”, he noted. He then called on the National Fisheries and Aqua Culture Authority to follow the good example of the employer body.
As a parent body for us, it is paramount to assist us especially, at this crucial time, he noted. He said members, who were trained by the government are unemployed and stranded even before the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is time that NaFAA intervene in their plight.

Mr. Siafa added since the start of the health crisis in Liberia, his members have been adhering to all of the preventive health measures and will continue until the crisis is over in Liberia. “We want to do more even to provide some awareness but we are not financially strong, as such, we are again calling on NAFAA and other relevant authorities in the COVID-19 crisis to help us”, he pleaded.

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In a happy mood, few of the beneficiaries of the gesture commended the group for the initiative but noted that more still needs to be done for them. “We are over 700 members and 40 buckets plus other detergents cannot help us; however, we are appreciative of the gesture”, they added.
–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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