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Dark days returning

River Gee County Senator Comany B. Wesseh is alarming here that the dark days in the pages of Liberia’s history are gradually showing their hideous face again when people were murdered or mal – handled on accusations of being against the president.

Sen. Wesseh says in an interview with this paper on Capitol Hill recently that his colleagues see his approach of checkmating every presidential nominee before confirming them as an action intended to turn down the developmental policy of River Gee County and against the will of President George Manneh Weah.

He claims that his colleagues recently suspended him from the River Gee County Legislative Caucus on grounds that his presence on the caucus would stall the developmental agenda from the president.

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But Sen. Wesseh says his colleagues’ action is a clear indication of the return of the dark days when people were painting others black to the president.

According to him, it is his role as senator to checkmate every presidential nominee before confirming them for the position, but his colleagues see it to be against the will of the president and intended to turn down the developmental policy of the county.

The former executive of the erstwhile Progressive Alliance of Liberia (PAL) recalls the eras of slain Presidents William Richard Tolbert and Samuel Kanyon Doe when people were murdered because their colleagues had claimed that they were against the president.

He says in this contemporary time and age, some legislators are punishing him for actively checkmating presidential nominees, noting that the action of his colleagues is based on mere falsehood.

Sen. Wesseh reminds his colleagues that due to such accusations, others were brutally mal handled by presidential security officers in the past.

Sen. Wesseh argues that quizzing some of the nominees from his county for the local government is his constitutional right which cannot be tampered with by anyone.

It can be recalled that River Gee Legislative Caucus suspended Sen. Wesseh’s membership for alleged “disrespect to the office of the president and the caucus”.

A letter signed by the caucus’ Secretary Rep. Alexander Poure and approved by Caucus Chairman Dopoh, says Sen. Wesseh was being suspended after a closed observation of his activities with regards to the undermining and vilification of the caucus.

They claim in the letter that he brought disrepute to the office of the president to at the detriment of River Gee County’s development, adding that the Caucus decided to disassociate itself from Sen. Wesseh for time indefinite. The statement said his suspension was taking immediate effect for the good of the people of the county.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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