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Domestic violence leaves couple dead

A couple has been found dead in Dulay, electoral District#3, Nimba County near the Liberian-Ivorian border following domestic violence in which the man flogged his wife to death for suspected extra love affairs and drank substance to take his own life, but was finished up by his in-laws in an apparent reprisal attack.

The couple, according to family sources, had lived together for over five years without a child prior to the incident. Emmanuel Johnson, a resident of Dulay narrates that early over the weekend residents of the town had gone about their normal activities in the town, but after 11:00 a.m. the late Loretha Gbediah, 30, and her husband Prince Sangar, 37, were nowhere to be seen.

“Their absence among the citizens raised concern in the town so they all agreed to visit their home to find out what was going on, but only to find out that the man[ Prince Sangar] had beat his wife to death after accusing her of having love affairs outside.”

According to Emmanuel, the late Prince Sangar drank some chemical after committing the act and was found lying hopelessly near his dead wife.When news of the death of the late Loretha Gbediah hit her home village, angry crowd marched to Dulay were their daughter was flogged to death and walked in the room were their in-law Prince Sangar was struggling for life and mobbed him to death.

Police assigned in Karnplay District, Nimba subsequently rushed to the town but made no arrest, only turning over the bodies to both families for burial. The incident brings to two in less than a month, couples that lost their lives thru domestic violence.

Few days ago, 35-year-old Marcus Ben, resident of Lesonnoh Burtian Town, electoral District#8 in Nimba County flogged his 30-year-old wife to death after he accused her of involvement in extra love affairs.

Report says after killing his wife in their rubber farm, Marcus drank acid and was found dead in the bush few days later. The couple had lived together for 15 years with four children prior to the violence.

By Thomas Domah /Nimba-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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