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Ellen renews friendship with Nowui Gorlorwulu

Former President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf has renewed friendship and family ties with Liberian business entrepreneur Madam Nowui Gorlorwulu, years after the two long time friends fell apart, which during Madam Sirleaf’s administration led to Gorlorwulu’s exit of the ex-president’s inner cycle to establish a private business, the Golden Key hotel.

Announcing their reunion in the midst of dozens of prominent African women during a meeting at the Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf Presidential Center in Monrovia Monday, 15 February, Mrs. Sirleaf recalled that when she was running for president back in 2005, Madam Nowui Gorlorwulu worked diligently with her until she was elected as president.

Even after winning the presidency, Mrs. Sirleaf indicates that Madam Gorlorwulu stayed on throughout her administration that lasted for 12 consecutive years.

Throughout those years, she says they have remained strong friends, applauding Madam Gorlorwulu for how strong she has been and for standing firm through all the difficulties.

But Mrs. Sirleaf explains that along the way she and Madam Gorlorwulu separated and limited their connection to just talking to each other. “We had a separation …,” Mrs. Sirleaf says, as the group of prominent women from Liberia and other African countries in the room laugh.

“But we have remained throughout these years strong friends. Even when there was separation, we just limited it to not talking to each other, but no clashes, no clashes. But now I told her, I just applaud her for how strong she was through all the difficulties, she stood firm,” Mrs. Sirleaf says.

Being a business person, an entrepreneur and a hardworking person, Madam Sirleaf notes that Madam Gorlorwulu established her own hotel in Paynesville called Golden Key which is situated along the Roberts Field Highway, just after the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex.

Against all odds, Ex-president Sirleaf notes that Madam Gorlorwulu kept the hotel project through and has expanded it, thereby making it a functional business today.

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She recalls that Madam Gorlorwulu had prior to building the Golden Key hotel, worked with the Robert L. Johnson (RLJ) facility off the Roberts Field highway.

She made a rallying call on Liberians, especially officials and guests from other countries to promote Liberian entrepreneurs, urging them to think about Madam Nowui Gorlorwulu’s Golden Key hotel off Roberts Field highway and other Liberian – owned businesses when they come to Liberia.

“Whenever you’re coming to Liberia for some other purposes, and you need a place, please think about her hotel. I like to promote her and all Liberian entrepreneurs who work so hard for what they do,” Mrs. Sirleaf says.

Citing an example of Madam Gorlowulu’s work, former President Sirleaf notes that the food that was served at the EJS Presidential Center during the meeting on Monday was brought by Madam Gorlorwulu to welcome the women at the center.

“We don’t really help our Liberian entrepreneurs … for those of us who are officials, because we make them struggle,” Mrs. Sirleaf says.

Responding, Madam Nowui Gorlorwulu expresses gratitude to former President Sirleaf for her kindness and support throughout the years, applauding the former president and her family for how they have accepted her and worked with her kindly as their daughter since they met in 2005.

“I am grateful to know this great woman. Y’all thank you, and I tell you thank Madam. Thank you so much,” Madam Gorlorwulu says. By Winston W. Parley

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