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Embattled SUP chairman fights back

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The embattled chairman of the vanguard Students Unification Party (SUP) at the State-owned University of Liberia (UL) Carlos T. Eddison says, he is still in charge of the SUP contrary to reports that he is removed from his post by some disgruntled members of the campus-based party.
Carlos told a local radio talk-show Thursday, 12 September in Monrovia that he remains the constitutional head of SUP in line with the party’s by-laws and constitution.

According to him, those who say he is expelled from the party are making a great mistake, because contrary to their action, student politics has been banned by the UL administration.He said it is not possible to have election at the university because of the ban placed on student politics, as is being demanded by his opponents in the party.

Carlos maintained that what is important is for students of the University of Liberia (UL) to have access to education, noting that education at the UL is not a privilege, but a right provided by the Constitution of Liberia.

He adds that his expulsion cannot hold water or be sustained because the SUP constitution says except in the case where the party’s chairman resigns, which is not the case, then election may go ahead but not where few disgruntled members of are claiming to have unseated his leadership thru unconstitutional means.

He said the ban placed on student politics at the UL does not in any way prevent students from acquiring education, adding that students going on campus are not discussing politics but rather in pursuit of their education.He maintains that as head of SUP, he will take the party to election at the appropriate time when the ban placed on student politics at the UL is lifted by the administration.

He rejects assertions by his opponents that election within SUP is held every first semester, something, he terms as a blatant lie, clarifying that all elections within the party are conducted every second semester.Carlos claimed some disgruntled SUP members allegedly attacked his residence and looted several personal effects, including lap-top, among others after their plan to kill him failed.

He said some humanitarians, who saw the level of destruction carried out at his residence, decided to intervene by providing some assistance to enable him recover from the nightmare.He disclosed that those who attacked, vandalized, and looted his properties were arrested and detained by the Liberia National Police (LNP) but were later released based on his request to the police.

He explained that before any campus-based political party hold election at the University of Liberia, the Dean of Students should be communicated with, who will ensure that every security measure is instituted for the safety of all students on the UL campus.Some disgruntled members of the Student Unification Party are accusing the SUP chairman of refusing to take the party to convention, among others, but Carlos Eddison rubbished their claims as complete fallacy. By Emmanuel Mondaye –Editing by Jonathan Browne

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