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Evil hands take over UP

A stalwart of governing Unity Party (UP) Rep. Worlea Saway Dunah says evil hands have taken over the ruling party, allegedly creating serious problem for those who have worked over the years to make the party what it is today.

The Nimba County Representative told this paper Sunday morning, 25 November at his Paynesville residence that UP’s leadership headed by Wilmot Paye, Neto Zarzar Lighe and others of allegedly showing total disrespect to standard bearer emeritus, incumbent President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf.

He alleges that there are reports of some elements within the party considering the expulsion of President Sirleaf from the party over claims of her alleged reluctant role played in the 2017 representatives and presidential elections.

The Nimba County lawmaker describes the UP leadership as people who think evil about the president, noting that the Unity Party is where it is today due to the achievements and leadership role being played by the president.

Rep. Dunah says it makes no sense to attack the president or to undermine the party’s progress.

According to him, last week prior to the conduct of the second national executive meeting, some officials of the party including Labour Minister Neto Zarzar Lighe, Campaign Spokesman Mohammed Ali (alias Mo Ali) and Chairman Paye allegedly confronted him (Dunah) and told him that they would expel the president in that meeting.

Dunah explains that upon hearing such information, he reportedly defied them, warning that they don’t have the numerical strength and the guts to do such.

Dunah says he is adequately prepared to battle the UP leadership politically.  But Minister Lighe has denied the report, saying “it is childish and envious” on the part of Rep. Dunah to have shared some lies.

Meanwhile, Rep. Dunah has cautioned UP leadership that if the party is to win the runoff, it has to campaign on the achievements of President Sirleaf’s administration.

When contacted via mobile phone on Sunday, UP official Mo Ali claimed that Rep. Dunah is acting on behalf of President Sirleaf.

He alleges that during the days of President Sirleaf as head of the UP, she reportedly conducted the affairs of the party individually, allegedly depriving the views of the thousands of partisans.

He notes that gone are those days for individual to make decisions on behalf of the party. Mr. Ali says now the party respects the views of everyone.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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