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Ex-generals warn

Former generals of three disbanded warring factions here, including the defunct National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL), Liberia United for Reconstruction and Democracy (LURD) and the Movement for Democracy in Liberia or MODEL warn Montserrado County District#10 Representative YekehKolubah, to refrain from uttering threats that have the propensity to derail peace in Liberia.

The ex-generals in a news conference held Monday, April 15,at the former Ministry of National Defense building in Benson Street, Monrovia said threats coming from Representative Kolubah, including insults toPresident George Weah is something that could jeopardize the peace citizens are enjoying.

Addressing the news conference, ex-general Siafa Norma of the defunct NPFL said they do not support anything that would derail peace, distancing themselves from utterances by Rep. Kolubah, also a former fighter, and a planned protest being announced by talk show host Henry Costa.

He said recent statements by the Monterrado lawmaker drew their attention as former generals, noting, “We will not sit and watch people to bring back the old memories; all we want is peaceful co-existence in this country.”

He continued that their record as former generals and frontline commanders, including their principal lieutenants from the three former warring factions, have been recognized by the international community, adding that they fought for freedom, which has been achieved, followed by successive democratic elections.

The former rebel generals denounce any form of hostility which has the propensity to disrupt public peace.Also speaking, a former chief of staff of MODEL Bejamin Taylor said Rep. Kolubah and Henry Costa are two individuals who want to disrupt the peace.

“We want to caution the two people not to include us in their political game; we have no intent and it is our right to support any legitimate government like the way we did for Madam Sirleaf; this time no one will be used for little or nothing, they refereed to us as Ex-combatants but we are the same people they want to use to cause problem.But we will not form part of any violence that will derail the peace.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of the group, General OforiDiah says anybody that goes contrary to the peace of Liberia will never get their support, saying “You must go thru the democratic process to carryout whatever demonstration.”

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The press conference brought together former generals, commanders, and lieutenants, including General OforiDiah (MODEL), Christopher Vambo aka ‘General Mosquito’ (NPFL) MODEL chief of staff Benjamin Taylor, General Kofi Doe and General Siafa Norma (NPFL), among others.

Meanwhile, Montserrado County Legislative Caucus Chairman, Representative Thomas Fallah similarly warns here that Representative YekehKolubah risks expulsion or suspension by the House of Representatives,unless he desists from his disrespectful and disorderly manner as demonstrated in recent weeks.

Speaking to the NewDawn Tuesday, April 16, at the Capitol, Representative Fallah in a rather angry tone notes that gross disrespect being displayed over a year period by Rep. Kolubah needs to be stopped in accordance with Rules of the House of Representatives or else he (Kolubah) will further disgrace the House, which could bring that august body to public disrepute.

“Representative Kolubah, since his ascendency here, he continues to embarrass us with his unrefined public statements. I dare him to make those statements he made on Sunday afternoon at the Unity Party headquarters or to dress the way he dressed on Sunday, he will be expelled and if he’s too lucky, will be suspended. Kolubah cannot continue embarrassing us with his reckless statement, insulting everybody including the Speaker, me, some lawmakers and the presidency”, says Rep. Fallah.

He continues: This must stop and I’m prepared to lobby for his removal from office or have him suspended by the full plenary of the House of Representatives. In fact, I challenge him to respond to this interview, Kolubah will be called former lawmaker within few weeks.
On Sunday afternoon, April 14, Rep. Kolubah, who got elected as an Independent Candidate, dressed as a ‘revolutionary’ wearing a red beret and army uniform as he led a crowd to the headquarters of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) in Congo Town.

“We have come to say that we want us to hold together. We have come to strengthen our older people in persons of Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai, Benoni Urey, Cllr. Charles Brumskine and Alexander Cummings,” he said.

He alleged that President Weah, in less than two years of his administration, has taken the country to sad days rather than a period of joy without an achieving anything.
“We have observed that this footballer, this merit maker has taken our country to the mud and we will not continue to sit and allow things to continue to be this way. This is why I have come to join you, so you can use me at any time to force Weah and his crooks to do what is right,” he told the opposition coalition.By Lewis S. Teh & E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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