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Fahnbulleh speaks on October elections

The Standard Bearer of the Liberian People’s Party or LPP Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr. has spoken for the first time since his resignation from government as national security advisor to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Dr. Fahnbulleh, who is seeking the Presidency in the ensuring October 10, 2017 Representatives and Presidential elections, says here that his quest for the nation’s highest office is to build on foundation already laid by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Speaking to this paper on Sunday, 30 July the former education and foreign minister from slain President Samuel Doe regime explains that President Sirleaf ‘s strong desire for change in Liberia by walking 19 to 20 hours daily to achieve progress of State, is something that inspires him and gives him the zest of continuing with the dream of completing the goals of the President, if given the opportunity by the Liberian people through the ballot box on October 10th .

According to him, President Sirleaf is well focus in getting the country where she wants it to be, and he’s optimism that if emerged as winner, the starting point is to build on the solid foundation of the President.

Well-schooled and long-time lecturer at various universities globally, Dr. Fahnbulleh argues that his time spent on the national scene as one of the major actors puts him in a better position to understand Liberia’s limitations and progress, and where to start from in moving forward.

The LPP Standard Bearer claims he’s better placed for the kind of leadership that the country needs currently, which will allow stability, enhance national security, noting that security will be high on his agenda to transform Liberia for the better.

He says he intends to run a transformative economy that will be participatory and inclusive, focusing on the county and national levels.

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“My attention is people-centered, mobilizing the young people, grassroots people, bring on board civil society organizations, where everyone can come on the table and discuss together,” Dr. Fahnbulleh says.

According to him, civil society and the business community will play greater role in policymaking that will affect the economy of the state, stressing that no one man has monopoly over wisdom, ideas, noting that the collective approach of thousand people is far better than one brilliant man.

“As a young man, my presumption about our country is there were many patriots but now as old man, my thought was wrong because there are many patriots but with approaches and different styles, so the best option is to tap in these approaches and everyone’s contributions to the development agenda of the country.”

Commenting on the issue of corruption in government, Dr. Fahnbulleh says corruption is the least thing on his mind on grounds that it can be handled by going back to audits conducted by the General Auditing Commission and findings can be used to prosecute those who are liable.

Dr. Henry Boimah Fahnbulleh was educated in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Kenya and the United States. He graduated from Fourah Bay College in Sierra Leone, having studied politics, philosophy, and history.

He gained his graduate degree in politics from Howard University in Washington D.C., and his doctorate from George Washington University in political philosophy and international politics, respectively. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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