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Forgiveness key to nation building

The newly inducted President of the Liberia Council of Churches or LCC, Rev. Dr. Kortu K. Brown stresses forgiveness as a pedestal upon which effective nation building is achievable.

“Forgiveness is key to nation building, if we must improve and move forward as a nation, forgiveness must be practiced in every corner of our society”, he stresses.
Speaking at his induction over the weekend at the Eliza Turner African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Monrovia, Bishop Brown emphasizes that the church is not an empty talker, but an institution that people look up to in times of decision making when there is a situation, saying the church is a place that promotes Christian unity.

“As we take over the mantle of leadership in the LCC, we want to call on the Christian community to recommit itself to the core values, unity, and service building, strengthening our Christian faith, and promoting Christ through service”, he challenges.

The new LCC boss notes that in the next two years working together, and in collaboration with every national stakeholder, they can consolidate peace in Liberia and strengthen religious harmony, among others.

He says without peace, it would be difficult to achieve some of the expectations of the people, adding, this is the time for peace in Liberia, and this is why we commend all the political actors for sticking to the Farmington Declaration.

The FD is a pact signed this year by leaders of Liberian political parties, committing to non-violent election. They made the commitment before Heads of States of the Economic Community of West African States at the Farmington Hotel in Harbel, Margibi County.

Dr. Kortu says to maintain peace, Liberians should learn to reconcile, adding, “To recognize, we must forgive, and to forgive, we must reach out to one another, both offended and offenders.”

He notes that it is important to teach forgiveness in schools and communities across the country to allow the next generation knows the importance.Meanwhile, the president emeritus of the LCC, Rev. Dr. Sumuward E. Harris, cautions the new corps of officers to uphold the ethics of the Council in order to make a decision that will benefit not only the LCC, but the public at large.

“You are inducted into office to be the mouthpiece of the Council, and the country; your role is greater especially, at this time where many Liberians will be looking up to you to make decision when situation arises”, Bishop Harris challenges.

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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