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Former CDC man speaks at LP convention

Attorney Kanio Bai-Gbala, the man who recently defected from the main opposition Congress for Democratic Change or CDC, has been tipped as the main speaker at the Liberty Party or LP National Convention scheduled to kick off on Friday June 8, in Ganta, the commercial city of the vote rich county of Nimba.

His speech will center on the theme reconciliation and uniting the nation, something which party officials say is in line with the LP’s believe-that is in the future. The LP has in recent time enjoyed some endorsement from Nimbaians in their numbers. The county is the most fought for by political parties here for its huge voting population.

Many here believe that whoever wins Nimba stands the chance of winning the 2017 Presidential election or a change of competing in the run-off. As part of the move to win the hearts and votes of that county, LP was the first to announce a native of the region as its vice standard-a move which has spurred support for the party in the county.

Meanwhile, the convention which is being held under the theme: “A new era of change, “is expected to bring together partisans of the LP from around the country and the diaspora.

Party Chairman Benjamin Sanvee, will preside over the opening session on Friday June 8, which would call the convention to order with the seating of delegates and a welcome remark.

The former CDC man turned LP steward; Atty. Gbala will deliver his keynote address, an address that will be followed by the reading of county reports, and the nomination of the party’s vice standard bearer.

The convention will also witness the acceptance speech of the party’s vice standard bearer, Harrison Karnwea and the adoption of the Slate of Legislative Candidates. The party’s standard bearer Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine will deliver his acceptance on Saturday to be followed by the election of national officers after which the convention is expected to adjourn.


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