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GASU opened free tutorial classes for 12th graders

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The Gardnerville Students Union (GASU) over the weekend launched it’s free tutorial classes for senior high school students, mainoy targeting 12th graders that will be sitting national exam this year.

During the launching ceremony at Shoes Factory Junction over the weekend, the group’s president AnsuKromah indicated that they recognize the tireless efforts of school administrators, pepper and bitter ball sellers and young students within the township that are opting to make a successful pass this year.

The GASU president boasts that statistical records have proven times without numbers that the township of Gardnerville has already secured its place among the best in the academic area in the past years.

AnsuKromah notes that in order for the students of Gardnerville to maintain the glittering color of the township, GASU has risen to the occasion to champion the cause of academic excellence.

Kromah further explains that GASU wishes to take advantage of the free time allocated in the exam schedule for students so as to prepare their colleagues.

“The Gardnerville Students Union has thought it wise to offer classes during these free time given us by WAEC. Furthermore, GASU takes into consideration the omission of division Art and Science, therefore, she will be offering the tutorial for the entire nine subjects,” Kromah states.

Speaking on behalf of the students that attended the program, the president of the New Jerusalem A. G. M School extends thanks and appreciation to GASU for the timely intervention in making sure that Gardnerville Township students became the best in the upcoming national exam.

The students president further promises that he and his colleagues will pay full attention and work hard during the time of the national exam in order to meet GASU’s expectation.

By Ben P. Wesee–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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