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Helping poor, vulnerable Liberians makes good policy


The Deputy Mission Director at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Ms. Rebekah Eubanks has said that extending a helping hand to the poor and vulnerable in Liberia makes good development policy.

“We are reminded today that helping the poor and vulnerable is simply a good development policy, a policy that makes economic sense”, she said on Tuesday.

Ms. Eubank spoke at the Ministry of Health in Oldest Congo Town, outside Monrovia in a joint press conference during launch of the Liberia Private Sector Executive Committee (LIPSEC) web portal.

The importance of the portal launch is to enhance transparency in financial matters and donations from donors and government partners.

She said earlier this year, USAID identified 4.6 million United States Dollars to more directly addressing growing economic uncertainties in Liberia, a portion she says that requires a private sector match.

“When we help poor, and vulnerable families educate their children and live healthy and productive lives, we certainly are doing the morally right thing”, noting that USAID by doing this is clearly helping to create a productive and skilled workforce that is essential to the success of the private sector.

According to her, USAID was pleased that key private sector actors are prepared to match a significant portion of USAID assistance, noting that those matching contributions will help to generate resources that will provide critical social protections to those Liberians who most desperately need support during these difficult times.

Ms. Eubanks pointed out that the LIPSEC Portal will allow users friendly collection of critical data on private sector contribution and allow both the private sector and USAID to collectively help the most vulnerable, adding that “today this launch is a concrete manifestation of the importance we attach to achieving this goal.”

She noted partnership forged with the private sector teaches the institution useful lessons about what is achievable when private firms move from the margins of development, and become integral players in the effort to end extreme poverty.

The Deputy USAID Head of Mission further they are engaging potential taxpayers who can help the government generate the funds it needs to finance its development programs, saying, “above all we are providing people with the skills and abilities to chart their own future, without depending on development assistance to meet their basic needs.

Liberia’s Minister of Information Lenn Eugene Nagbe said support from the private sector through the launch of the Liberia Private Sector Executive Committee or (LIPSEC) web portal will enhance transparency and accountability of donations coming to the government during the COVID-19.

“The importance of this portal is in the interest of transparency, efficiency, and saying if we can track whatsoever contribution that comes in from partners, than it will give us more confidence as a people that the government and its partners are proceeding rightly”, Nagbe expressed.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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