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House summons LNP, Transport

The House of Representatives has summoned the Minister of Transport and the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police following a complaint by a lawmaker that his vehicle was stopped by law enforcement officers for inspection while heading for Tuesday’s session on 12 June.

The House says the two officials should appear before it’s full plenary on Thursday, 14 June. The decision to summon the two officials comes from a complaint filed by River Gee County District #3 Rep. Francis Dopoh who claims he was stopped by officers of the Ministry of Transport and the Liberia National Police why he was on his way to legislative session on Tuesday, 12 June.

He says at about 8:30 am on Tuesday, his vehicle labeled Rep. 72 was stopped by a transport officer allegedly acting under the instruction of the Minister of Transport and the Inspector General of Police.

Mr. Dopoh complains that in his quest to ascertain as to the consciousness of the officer’s action, the officer allegedly mandated that the lawmaker get down and walk to the officer or else the vehicle would not leave.

Rep. Dopoh claims that he was dishonorably humiliated by the transport officer for half an hour even to the extent that a police officer with batch #3050 informed him that the vehicle was a representative’s vehicle with plate Rep. 72.

He claims that the transport officer refused to listen. Rep. Dopoh claims that he is not sure that he is the only Representative that is being targeted. He says he is sure that the transport officer who refused to approach him acted consciously and by the instruction of his authority, which violated Article 42 of the Constitution as it was an alleged form of arrest and detention while on his way to session.

By Bridgett Milton–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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