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I’ll work with anybody

President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf says she will work with anybody who becomes elected president after the October elections this year and promises to stay here in Liberia after transition of power to watch what that other president will do.

“So I will be watching what that other president will do; but I will also work with anybody so that we can all work together because what we all have done, all the progress we have made we all have to continue to work together so we can do even more”, Mrs. Sirleaf said on Thursday, 22 June while climaxing a farewell tour in Bong County.
Mrs. Sirleaf’s vice president Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai is standing in the October presidential election on the ruling Unity Party ticket against more than 20 registered opposition political parties.

While commiting herself to work with anybody elected president, Mrs. Sirleaf however warns Liberians to be careful how they vote on grounds that Liberia is approaching a crossroad that will be a defining moment in determining whether the country goes forward or goes backward.“That’s why it’s a defining day and every vote you cast will determine whether your country is going to progress or retrogress. So you are to do it carefully. But I have confidence that the Liberian people will do the right thing”, she says.

Mrs. Sirleaf has expressed deep confidence that Liberians “will go pass the defining moment”, emphasizing that “we” will succeed and Liberia is going to have a better future.
During the tour, projects undertaken in the county were detailed in the Superintendent’s report, some of which are implemented by the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE).

The projects found in different areas across Bong County include commissioners’ residences, administrative buildings, high schools, community clinics, town halls, women multipurpose centers, the controversial Bong County Technical College, bridges, roads and resource centers.During a town hall meeting in Haindii, Fuamah District of Bong County, Mrs. Sirleaf thanked Bong citizens for being good citizens, preserving the peace, promoting development, being able to work together in unity and trying to work together for the good of the country.

In addressing conflict between citizens and China Union, Mrs. Sirleaf told locals in the county that strikes, protests and violence will never solve the problem. Instead, Mrs. Sirleaf suggests that dialogue, negotiations, collaborations and coordination will lead to solution.While committing government to do everything to protect citizens’ rights, Mrs. Sirleaf encouraged locals to work with their legislative caucus, county administration and the relevant government ministry to be able to solve the problem.

She announced that China Union had a proposal to start operation again, this time to produce steel products here that she believes could settle some of the things that citizens have been concerned about.Regarding women’s role in government, Mrs. Sirleaf says whether they are superintendents, commissioners, legislators or teachers, they have been able to progress to the point where the achieving of their progress cannot be reversed but can only go further.

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She gave credit to the citizens here for the progress made in the country, saying the progress is not hers.  Before departing Gbarnga, Mrs. Sirleaf was honored by the Women of Bong County in recognition of the courage she has given women here to pursue education up to college and masters levels, not to be afraid of their male counterparts while remaining respectful and for the opportunity given them to serve in government, among others.

The county administration and citizens expressed appreciation to President Sirleaf for the level of development in the county, and urged her not to forget them after her administration.

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