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I was not dreaming to contest

Former Central Bank of Liberia or CBL Governor Dr. Mills Jones says the Code of Conduct cannot hold him because he was not dreaming to contest in the October 2017 presidential and representatives elections, but citizens gathered in huge number at his house to petition him.

Speaking recently at the Trumpet Baptist Church in Ganta, Nimba County, the political leader of opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment or MOVEE pondered how could somebody tell him that the Code of Conduct would hold him.

Dr. Jones insists that he has nothing to do with the Code of Conduct. The instrument which was upheld by the Supreme Court in March this year as being legal and binding, has ruled in Part Five Sections one (a) and (b) that appointed officials seeking elected jobs should quit appointed offices two years ahead of the elections.

As for those holding tenured jobs, as it was in the case of Dr. Jones, the instrument says they should leave office three years ahead of such elections.  But Dr. Jones has told a gathering of Christians in Ganta that he was sitting at his house when Liberians gathered in huge numbers to ask him to lead the Country due to the good work he did and continues to do for the nation.

Ex-governor Jones has said that it is about time for citizens to decide for themselves who will be the best to lead them, rather than giving state power to someone who will not be able to improve the living condition of Liberians.

He claimed that Liberians have suffered for a long period of time since 1847 and up to present, vowing that he will not allow that to continue. He repeatedly told citizens that it is about time that all Liberians stand up to seek the best among the rest.

He had been welcome by Nimbaians in Ganta before moving on to the Trumpet Baptist Central Church where he told the gathering that if his party MOVEE is given state power, the living condition of all Liberians will be improved.

He says education, health, agriculture and roads, among others will be the goal of MOVEE, complaining against the amount of money the country uses to import food here.
He has encouraged citizens to be fully involved with agricultural activities that he believes will help to boost the living condition of all Liberians.

At the end of his statement, Dr. Jones donated US$1,000 to those at the church summit, and additionally gave US$200 to the Trumpet Baptist church in Ganta. Also speaking, the national chairman for the party called on Liberians to ready shine their eyes come October.

For his part, host pastor and senior pastor of the Trumpet Baptist Church in Ganta, Rev. Arthur Gbor-Wehyee thanked Dr. Jones for the donation and told the Christian gathering that the church will join other churches to pray to God for the best person who will lead the nation.
By Franklin Doloquee/Nimba-Edited by Winston W. Parley

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