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The George Weah regime exposed its incompetency in handling of economic governance over the last 2 years, as it tries to fix unemployment through public sector hire, the opposition political parties have asserted.

“On employment, attempts by this administration to fix unemployment through public sector hiring shows how incompetent their handling of economic governance has been over the last 2 years,” Mr. Alexander B. Cummings told journalists on Tuesday when he read out the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) response to President George Weah’s Annual Message on Tuesday.

President Weah in his annual address boasted of his government being able to absorb 15,000 employees into the government, something he said had reduced the unemployment rate in the country by that number.

But the CPP argues that government is not the place to grow jobs and reduce unemployment for political supporters.

“The President admits to employing about 15,000 in just over 2 years. Government is not the place to grow jobs and reduce unemployment for political supporters and cronies. Instead, this government needs to create an enabling environment for the private sector to thrive and create jobs, but this government has failed to enable the private sector in the last two years,” Mr. Cummings added.

Mr. Cummings statement comes as many private companies are either shutting down or laying off hundreds of staff in the wake of economic stagnation.

He describes the president’s claim of Liberian construction firms’ participation in the feeder roads as a joke.

“The President cites the participation of Liberian construction firms in the construction of feeder roads as his achievement in keeping his inaugural promise that Liberians will no longer be spectators in their economy. On the contrary, Liberians continue to struggle to get financing to start a business or expand existing businesses and fully compete and participate in their own economy.<” he said. Mr. Cummings further intimated that under this Weah administration, Liberians are not even spectators to their own economy because they cannot afford to enter the stadium to watch the economy game but rather are stuck at home. He, however, commended the president for the promise to invest in youth empowerment programs. “While we note this as one of his many promises, we hope that this promise can be fulfilled in order to impact the lives of our young people and provide trainings and job opportunities for them,” the CPP said.

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