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“It’s a lifestyle I have struggled with.”

Social media is going wide with a statement made by Alternative National Congress or ANC standard bearer Alexander Cummings more than a year ago on gay issues.

Mr. Cummings whose campaign for the Liberian Presidency has gained steam since the first Presidential debate here told the late Mamadee Diakety a year plus ago that the issue of gay is a It’s a lifestyle I have struggled with.

But many on social media thinks the ANC man must have been referring to himself while others think otherwise. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

Cummings: The question on gay rights: Um I answered the question perhaps not too elegantly. Um and I used the words that are conflicted by this issue. But let me explain why-let me explain what I mean by that. Um, it’s a lifestyle that I’ve struggled with. As important though, I believe Liberians are also focused on health, education, jobs. And I also want us to focus the conversation on those issues.

Mamadee: Do you think you’ve answered the question the right way because it’s a very sensitive issue. Cummings interrupts: It’s a very sensitive issue and I don’t know whether there is a right…

Mamadee interrupts and continues: It’s a very sensitive issue and you have to be straight-will you support it or it’s something that you know… Cummings: Mamadee, I think I have answered the question um the way I am comfortable answering it. And again I gat to be authentic to who I am. There will be political answer perhaps that people will want to hear. But I got to be real Alex and I want the Liberian people to see the real person and that I will not change my answer to suit um different situations. Um I think that is the kind of leader we should be looking for.

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