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Jeety blasts critics

-Denies any extended support for food distribution

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Indian Counsel General to Liberia Shri Upjit Singh Sachdeva (Jeety) has challenged his critics to come with facts to back their claim that he receives money from extended sources to support his initiative aimed at helping the vulnerable population here.

“Why people who [don’t] know about what others are doing will embark on falsehood, disinformation solely intended to only lie about what he is doing for the vulnerable population of Liberia?” he pondered as he addressed reporters on 19 July.

“Let me make it very clear that I have not received a dime from anyone to do what I am doing. If someone thinks that I received money from an extended source, let them come with the fact,” he says.

Mr. Jeety has been feeding vulnerable folks here with free hot meals daily. He dispels rumors circulating in Monrovia that he received financial support to carry out the humanitarian work which is under the supervision of Jeety Trading Corporation.

The Indian envoy further challenges those spreading the rumors about the food distribution to prove their allegation of extra financial support being given to support the initiative or face the full weight of the law.

Speaking in an angry tone, the Indian Counsel General discloses that several unscrupulous individuals called him alleging that he received money to implement his hot food distribution program to less fortunate Liberians. He terms the information as a smear campaign to take away the public’s attention from the humanitarian gesture being undertaken by Jeety Trading Corporation.

He warns those spreading misinformation about the distribution to find something to do since in deed they are less busy. He notes that every penny spent on the ongoing food distribution comes directly from his business, adding that he has not received money from anyone whether in or out of Liberia.

He argues that he runs the only foreign business that is working with Liberians in meeting the food needs of vulnerable and less fortunate people who do not have the financial strength to cater to their own needs during the coronavirus crisis in Liberia. Mr. Jeety’s comments come following a recent encounter with some individuals who visited the food distribution site on Center Street to collect information about his emergency hot food distribution.

That group soon disappeared from the scene when it asked as to why it had gone there to make the inquiry. Jeety Trading Corporation has been distributing food to hospitals, prisoners, people living with disabilities, the eye clinic and to several other arrears for several months.

Meanwhile, as he continues his humanitarian gesture and food distribution to the vulnerable population of Monrovia, the Indian Counsel General on July 19 identified with another handicap man Santo Brown of Broad Street when he turned over a brand new wheel-chair to the handicap man.

Brown, who has been struggling for wheel-chair for so long was gratified when he was invited from among others waiting to receive their hot cooked meal from Jeety Trading Corporation on the Slipway football field to receive his wheel-chair. Santo Brown is the third less fortunate person that has received wheel-chair from the Indian Counsel General.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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