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Jones against peace, stability

Nimba County Representative Worlea- SaywahDunah has described the recent statement by the former executive governor of the Central Bank of Liberia Dr. Joseph Mills Jones as a threat to peace and stability in Liberia, and an assault on the rule of law and good governance.

A statement from the office of Representative Dunah issued in Monrovia on Thursday, 30 March reads, “We condemn it in the strongest term and at the same time warn him that our generation that experienced a bitter civil conflict will defend this peace and our nascent democracy against any foes and threats at all times. Yesterday, Mills Jones displayed his total lack of understanding of rule of law and the history of Liberia in a pathetic display of arrogance and violence.”

It pointed out that Dr. Jones now standard bearer of the Movement for Economic Empowerment or MOVEE party grew up in the days of the True Whig Party when there were no real elections held for lawmakers, but rather a selection based on names and status, noting that today the age of democracy has arrived and the Liberian people regardless of education or economic status make the decision of who to govern and who to make the laws, adding that the statement of Dr. Jones squarely tells the public that he is a ‘confused political Rip Van Wrinkle’.

The statement noted that Representative Dunah is a believer of the people, a true grass rooter, who understands the people as opposed to Mills Jones, who has won no public office in his life and is a total novice to electoral politics, and now a threat to democracy.

“Such attack against a proven elected national leader by a mere untested political quantity is laughable and ridiculous. We also condemn his derogatory statement against the Supreme Court and demand that he withdraws those lawless words and publicly apologize to the Supreme Court. Let Mills Jones learn this elementary fact: our constitution established the Supreme Court as the final arbiter of all Judicial matters and that its decisions cannot be challenged anywhere; and in this matter the Supreme Court has spoken, it is therefore the law of the land until it can be recalled by the sane Supreme Court,” the statement added. It pointed out that Dr. Jones has reportedly declared him a lawless person, who respects nobody and insults the Supreme Court and the Liberian Legislature.

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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