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Journalist cautions local media

A former Liberian journalist is reminding the media that its rights and freedom come with responsibilities.Janet Johnson, Governance Commission Director for Communications says all Liberians – political parties, the government and civil society including the media should make concrete efforts to ensure that the electoral process is violence free.

Despite concrete efforts by some media institutions to remain professional, responsible, objective, and balance in their reportage, others are bent on deliberately attacking efforts by government and political parties to assure the holding of free, fair, participatory, inclusive, credible and transparent democratic elections come October 2017.

Twenty of Liberia’s twenty two political parties recently signed a solemn declaration at the ECOWAS Summit held in Margibi County committing to working with government to ensure the holding of peaceful elections in Liberia, an act unprecedented in this country. By attesting to the Farmington River Declaration the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government also committed itself to providing a conducive environment for the holding of peaceful elections in October this year.

Madam Johnson is therefore urging the Press Union of Liberia to encourage its members to be mindful of comments and actions that could incite the public and undermine the peace we all enjoy. t would be unfair for the Liberian media to lose public trust based on the actions of a few.

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