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Judge swaps contempt by insults

Human rights lawyer Cllr. TiawanGongloe and two other colleagues were purged of contempt charges, though, but Commercial Court Judge Eva Mappy Morgan’s ruling which tampered justice with mercy was angrily loaded with insults.

Judge Morgan could be heard angrily said on Tuesday, 11 September saying, “this nonsense, this garbage, this filth” spewed by ignorant persons would not have continued for the last 500 days or more had the clients been advised by their lawyers.

The Commercial Court had Cllrs. TiawanGongloe, Philip Gongloe and MomoKandakai appeared on contempt charges on Tuesday for ill – advising their client Amos Brosius who accuses Judge Morgan of allegedly withdrawing US$3.4m from his account in seven months.

The contempt charge grows out of a case between Amos Brosius, a minority shareholder of Ducor Petroleum Inc., and majority shareholder Monrovia Oil Trading Corporation (MOTC) represented by chairman Krisman Leeman and CEO Charles Carron.

The court observes that the case has been discussed on radio, with accusations being made against it by the lawyers’ client.Judge Morgan says the lawyers were in court for ill – advising their client … and for lying that the court or the judge stole $3.4m dollars from the LBDI during a seven month period.

According to her, when an illiterate population hears from a client who has not perhaps been given the facts by his lawyer or who has not been told that there are legal principles of subjudices, chaos resorts.

She says the accusations have brought her reputation into question, adding: “That is what happens when good men like Cllr. Gongloe do nothing and evil triumphs.”

She recalls that on Monday, [3 September], chaos resorted at the Court when it was parked with persons bent on doing harm to her and perhaps other members of the bench at the Commercial Court.

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She further reveals that on Friday, “as urged” and facilitated by the clients of these lawyers, men went to the Provident Baptist Church where she sings in the choir to harm her. She wonders what would happen and what will the population do had the men gone out and killed her “as urged” by the lawyers, counsellors, clients and facilitation of [this] falsehood on the radio.

Judge Morgan says she has been accused of selling properties of the lawyers’ client.She says this is the ignorance again of a population which will “include myself” that will listen “to this kind of garbage, to this nonsense, to this falsehood” and threaten the lives of the judiciary and members of the bench [at the Commercial Court].

According to her, she and all of the judges are told that this is an illiterate population.But she argues “that it is not a stupid population” because “our grandparents” may not have been lettered or literate, but their common sense is evident as in how they [were] guided.

She says Cllr. Gongloe talks particularly about his 30 years records, supposing that he “is a good man” and she would have known him for that period.But she says it does not excuse the fact that this good man has sat by as the court has been maligned while the Judge (Morgan) has been threatened by persons operating without the facts appertaining in the case.

She says this evil also triumph when the client takes to the airwaves despite an irrevocable stipulation which their lawyer Cllr. Gongloe signed.Following her charge full with invectives, Judge Morgan purged Cllrs. TiawanGongloe, Philip Gongloe and MomoKandakai of contempt.

The lawyers’ supporters began jubilation in the courtroom upon Judge Morgan and her colleagues’ departure.The supporters chanted slogans outside court, claiming that Cllr. Gongloe was victorious.Cllr. Gongloe told an interview outside the court that the rule of law prevailed, but he insists that no lawyer or decent citizen would urge the judge’s killing.

By Winston W. Parley

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