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Greeting partisans,
On February 25th, 2020 a few members of the Unity Party/Canada received a letter from this breakaway group (The Friends of Boakai) inserted suspension to partisan who hold legitimate documentation to this beloved party with an attack on our dynamic interim leader.

Let this letter serve as a warning that you are using the name of “Unity Party” under false pretense should by all measure cease from preforming such acts, otherwise, we will ask the legal system of The Americas to take actions.

The Interim Administration Chaired by Hon. Dr. Millie Peters have engaged in tireless effort promoting peaceful cooperation and Unity among partisans of UPUSA/CA.

Her peacebuilding efforts are designed to include participants from all chapter – even those who are typically difficult to engage with. This inclusive approach she believes will ensure that a broad base of all Chapters share a sense of ownership and responsibility for reconciliation and the rebuilding of Unity Party USA/CA.

Dr. Millie Peters believes, inclusion engages all partisans in a process of change to build bridges of understanding. This, in time, will enables the organization collectively to move towards moderation, compromise and win clear victory in Liberia’s political arena in 2023.
However, there’s questionable partisan from (Minnesota Chapter) name withheld engage in an oblique allusion to tarnish Dr. Peters good reputations. Be forewarned, we have the option to retaliate in kind, but decency forbid us. And don’t mistake this response as a sign of weakness because we know precisely how to hit back at you with desire outcome. “A hint to a wise is quite sufficient”.
We are “UP” for something good!

Respectfully yours,
David SaahKorkor
UPUSA/CA Interim Secretary General
Millie Brooks Peters

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