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Letter to God: Lord, why so much hatred in our village?

Dear Father:

Why is it that there are so much hatred and dishonesty in our village? No, seriously Father, the dishonesty, hatred and backbiting are too much mehn.

You and your friend joined together the next thing they are looking for a way to destroy you and take over all because of envy and jealousy.-No wonder our village can’t go anywhere.

But my son, who na make you vex so and you starting your New Year with this kina vexation?

No mehn Father, da na these people-these so-called other group who came together saying they want to remove the Footballer in 2023. They started fighting among themselves small, small and now they are in one of the village courts.

They say da orlor man, the old big man from the Shipping place there carried him friend to court. They say he told the people that his friend, the orlor old big man from Coco-Cola Factory da criminal. Him say the man write him name and he na agree. So right now they carried their matter to the village court and everything na scattered.

You say what my son?

Ah Father, da na fire coming from my mouth oh, neither is popcorn popping. I say the people na chakala the whole thing. The group that wanted to remove the Footballer in 2023 fini chakaling. The Talk Ray Man fighting the Short Ray man, the Old Sleepy Papy who supposed to act like the Father and call the young ones together continue to be laying down to his house sleeping as if nothing is happening.

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Um, but da that one you will mind my son, the man can take any decision for his self sef?

I mean Father this is serious. So how people will take us serious na when we can’t even agree to be together. If we do, then it is out of pretense.

So what really happened na before the orlor man go take him friend to court?

Father, from day one the man been behind him friend. Nobody in this village know what between these two people. It just like the old Rooster Man and the Iron Old Lady who couldn’t see eyebolt to eyebolt. Sometimes you think it is just common jealousy but it can be bigger than that.

So right na, they are in the village court and the Footballer people are just laughing at them, even some of the village people are so shame of them.

But you know the main person to be shame of is that sleepy old man who has just refused to show himself as an elderly village man who can bring things under control-even in their own group where one of his members are fighting among themselves, the old just continue to sleep on it. Da the man who want to chop president for our village.

Puah, I think your village people should just keep the Footballer there oo, if da he the only person to go against him.

Yes, oh Father, because our village will be burning and we call him and he will still be sleeping. Nothing to show that he is in charge small seh.

But I want see how far all of them will go Father. Ehn they na chakala everything. I just pray they don’t put our little village into trouble again with their greed for power.

Anyway, we watching to see how their matter will fini at the Village court. The way Uncle Sam na start putting him mouth inside small, small. It getting interesting by the day.

Anyway, Happy New Year Father!

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