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Worrying Signal of COVID-19 Infection in Liberia

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-As GoL Releases Travel Protocol

Liberia began responding to the COVID-19, since March 16, 2020, following the detection, and treatment of its first case.

Since then, the country has recorded a total cumulative case of 1773, with Montserrado county accounting for 1320 cases. A total of ten laboratory confirmed cases were detected during this period with Montserrado County alone accounting in for eight, while Grand Gedeh and Grand Cape Mount Counties accounted for one each respectively.

The Incident Management System-COVID-19, headed by Health Minister, Dr. Wilhelmina S. Jallah, with tremendously support from partners including the World Health Organization (WHO) United States Center for Decease Control (US-CDC), United States Aid for International Development (USAID), UNICEF, The World Bank, International Rescue Committee, INTERNEWS, among others, continued to jointly work with various county health teams, especially Montserrdo County in interrupting further spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 continues to have an adverse effect on Liberians according to gender, with a total of 408 infection found in males from the ages of 15-34, while a total 251 infection is detected among females.
Other infections were also detected within the ages of 35-54 of 493 among males and 206 for females respectively.

Ages of 55 years and older account for 188 males and 83, representing a total of 1166 among males and a total of 605 among females, out of the total cumulative COVID-19 pandemic cases of 1771.

The COVID-19 epi-curve continues to show a dramatic increment of COVID-19 cases since the two lockdown which accounted for 168 COVID-19 cases combined.

Regrettably, Liberia’s epi-curves between October 18-24, 2020, re-emerged with a progressive increment of COVID-19 cases with an unprecedented spark within less than three months to a unimaginable 106 COVID-19 cases sparking an overwhelming demand for the adherence to the Health protocols set-fourth by the government of Liberia and its partners which are currently in place by ensuring avoidance of crowded places and gatherings, wearing of noise-mask, washing of hands regularly and voluntary COVID-19 testing.

Into this second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Incident Management System, with support from its partners, including the Lebanese Community in Liberia, has opened a COVID-19 testing center at the Union Building, Sophie road, next to the beach, oldest Congo town to scale-up testing for travellers and the general public, including testing for incoming travellers at the Robert’s international Airport, and enhance surveillance COVID-19 sample testing within counties and communities across the country.

Currently the Incident Management System, COVID-19 has approved a travel protocol for outgoing, incoming travellers, with considerable payment of Seventy-Five United States for both outgoing and incoming travellers as compare with other countries within the sub-region to under-write overhead cost of the COVID-19 response efforts.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten the survival and health conditions of all within the borders of Liberia. Currently Liberia has a total of thirteen COVID-19 treatment units across the country, with two each in Margibi and Nimba counties, and nine in MontserradoCounty.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a toil on Liberia with total cumulative death of 83 deaths. The deaths occurred in various communities and health facilities. Bong county accounts for a total of five deaths with four at health facilities, while one in the community.

In Gbarpolu County death at the facility, while Lofa County accounts for eleven deaths, with six at the health facility and five at the community.

Maryland County also accounts for two deaths at the facility level, while MargibiCounty reports six deaths with two at the COVID-19 treatment unit and four at the health facility.

MontserradoCounty, the epicenter of the COVID-19 accounts for 44 deaths, with nine at the COVID-19 treatment Unit, 19 at the health facility, and 16 at the community levels.

NimbaCounty also reported a total of 11 deaths. Two at the COVID-19 treatment unit, five at the health facility, and four at the community. Rivercess additionally reported two deaths, at health facility and community, while SinoeCounty accounts for one death at the health facility level.

The COVID-19 response efforts also have a devastating effect on health workers. A total of 219 cases of COVID-19 was detected among health workers, while five health worker died.

Currently, Liberia has nine counties responding to interrupt COVID-19 cases. The counties are Maryland County with 33 cases, while River-Gee County has 36 COVID-19 cases. NimbaCounty has a total of 67 new cases, while Bong County with 39 new cases.

Grand Bassa has 58 new cases, while Margibi has 85 new case and Lofa county accounting for 85 new COVID-19 cases. MontserradoCounty continues to be the epicenter of COVID-19 in Liberia, with a total of 1320 new cases as of December 15, 2020.-SPONSORED ARTICLE

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