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Liberian engineers yearn for contracts

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The president-elect of the Engineering Society of Liberia (ESL), Mr. Thomas Gonkawon vows to seek the interest of professional engineers of the society.He said for too long Liberian engineers have been downplayed in terms of obtaining contracts from relevant institutions and companies in Liberia.

Speaking recently after his election, Mr. Gonkawon disclosed there are trained, qualified and professional engineers in the country, who must be given first preference in road and infastratural contracts by the Government of Liberia.

The ESL president says he strongly believes the government will closely work with the society in having Liberians meaningfully conribute to the social infastrature development of the country.

He notes that while he does not hate substandard contruction entities and engineers, equally so, his administration will only work with recognized and licensed engineering films in butressing government’s re-construction drive.

Mr. Gonkawon defeated his opponent Mr. Victor Smith 28 to 11 votes, while his vice president Joseph Nyum won Madam Ruth Collins 23 to 16 votes. Mr. David Wounuah and Madam Cecilia Davies were elected as Secretary General and Assistant Secretary, respectively.

The Engineeering Society of Liberia election was conducted by a five-member committee headed by Mr. Moses Abu, who declared the process free, fair, and transpirent.

The election exercise held at the premises of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) was closely monitored by several obsevers, including the Advisor at the German International Corporation (GIZ) Madam Wanda Moeining.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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