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Liberian police extol Gambian counterparts

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The Liberia National Police (LNP) has extolled its Gambian counterpart during a visit here led by the head and deputies of The Gambia’s police force.
On Monday, 15 July, LNP Inspector General Patrick Sudue said Gambian Police Inspector General Mr. MamourJobe and his deputies Samba Jawo and Abrahaim Bah were here in Liberia to know how the LNP moved from where it was to it has come today.

According to Mr. Sudue, the visit of the Gambian Police authorities is intended to afford the delegation the opportunity to tap into the expertise of their Liberian counterparts, learn from their experience and go back to The Gambia to restructure their police unit.
Sudue notes that Mr. Jobe and his deputies are no strangers to Liberia, recalling how The Gambaian Police chief served here in the UN Mission, working at the Liberia National Police Training Academy (LNPTA) as an instructor while his two deputies worked separately with the immigration and the police.

Given Mr. Jobe’s love for Liberia, Mr. Sudue says when the UN was trying to find a place in Africa where it could retrain its Formed Police Unit (FPU), Mr. Jobe thought on no other country but Liberia.

As an instructor, Mr. Sudue says the Gambian police chief while serving in the UN Mission here, worked at the LNPTA as a lecturer, adding that he was one of the UN founding members that opened the police academy here.During Mr. Jobe’s service here, Mr. Sudue recalls that they trained civilians and they have been reoriented and turned into professional police officers.

“He served this country diligently while he was serving with the UN,” Mr. Sudue says.
For his part, Mr. MamourJobe says Liberia has undergone security sector reform processes to an extent that he wants to come to Liberia to look at what is involved and make sure that the reforms take place in The Gambia.Mr. Jobe extends gratitude to Mr. Sudue for the welcome accorded the delegation since its arrival on Sunday, 14 July. By Winston W. Parley

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