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Liberians reject God

The Director of the Emmanuel Love Church in 110 Karpeh Street, New Kru Town, Bushrod Island, Donatus S. Nayensuabo, says Liberians are suffering because they reject God.

Speaking Wednesday, 6 February in a thanksgiving service to mark the 199thanniversary of the church at the Holy Temple Church of God In Christ on Crown Hill, Broad Street, he says Jesus Christ redeemed the church and the entire world for a single purpose, to worship and proclaim Him.

He says when a group of people reject the Creator, it brings curse on the land, noting that for a country to observe 171th Independence without anything tangible to show for this long period of existence, means it is cursed for disrespecting and disobeying God.

According to Nayensuable, the lack of development and economic achievement is the result of rejection of the name Christopolis [City of Christ] original name of the capital, renaming it Monrovia.

“We can’t be ungrateful to God, and expect his blessings; it is against this backdrop that the Emmanuel Love has thought it wise to commemorate this day for Jesus to have mercy on this land.”

He laments that for hundred years the church that Jesus Christ brought on the land has refused to honor him, noting that people have rejected Jesus Christ and evidence is that in 1822, the city called Christopolis, which means “City of Christ” or honoring Jesus Christ.

He says Liberia is the center of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world, but the church has removed the name given by Jesus Christ, and prefers another name, which is something that puts the entire country outside of God, and is responsible for the economic hardship citizens are facing.

“Today, we are gathered to commemorate, thanking Him for what He has done, and to pray for Him to have mercy on us and to forgive our sins, including government officials, citizens and foreigners to enable us keep the convenient and fulfill His mission”

He says his church teaches the true gospel of Jesus Christ to give citizens clear understanding about how Christopolis became Monrovia, as well as providing knowledge about the working of Emmanuel Love.

According to him, Redemption Day is the day Jesus Christ redeemed the Protestant Christian Church from America (Babylon, Satan, & Church) slavery to worship and serve God.

Meanwhile, Nayensuable says he is not disappointed in top officials of government, who did not show up for the anniversary, saying “The Bible says many are called, but only few are choosing, and today, the few that came to attend are the few the Bible talks about.”

By Lewis S. Teh –Editing by Jonathan Browne

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