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LoneStar Cell MTN observes 21 Day of Ye’llow Care

Liberia’s leading telecommunication network Lone star cell MTN has begun observing a 21 – day of Ye’llow Care activities across the country, aimed at identifying with institutions that need assistance.

Addressing students of the Demonstration Elementary and Junior High School Recently on Clay Street, Deputy Lone Star Cell CEO Mr. Louise Roberts said the 21 – day program is an annual event of the company in the 22 countries in which the company operates to give back to the various communities where it carries out its activities.

“These activities are being carried out by the employees and staff ofthe company and by the company itself as a means of investmentincluding money being raised to give back to those major communities”,Mr. Roberts says.

According him, they are targeting the Monrovia Consolidated SchoolSystem or MCSS, noting that the company seeks to give back and toinform the people that it still cares for them, not for profit -making, but to help them with their projects including renovations, library, and construction of hand pumps and ruffing, among others.

Mr. Roberts has narrated that the 21 – day of Ye’llow Care was established in 2007 at the MTN head office in South Africa, and the day is being observed throughout the all the 21 countries in the company operates.

For his part, Lone Star Cell MTN Foundation Board Chair Mr. Massaquoi Kamara says the company is no stranger to MCSS Schools across this country, he recalled that during the Ebola period the company play amajor role, he says the company participated in the schools initiative to fight the virus.

“Lone Star Cell is education; Lone Star is about giving back to thecommunities. We go across this country as far as Maryland Countyperforming our duties. As company we are there, this is a traditionalLiberian own company”, he says.

According to Mr. Kamara the company knows the problems and that’s why it seeks to help solve some of those problems. The LoneStar official adds that the company is no stranger to the Liberian problems, noting that the company goes from one end of the country to the other to make sure that every customer and citizen realize the existence of LoneStar Cell MTN.
By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by Winston W. Parley

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