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Look to Jesus Christ

-clergyman urges Liberians

Amid the current economic instability in the country a United Methodist preacher calls on Liberians to lay their burdens before the cross and look to Jesus Christ for hope, instead of man.

The senior Pastor of the David A. Gueh United Methodist Church in Paynesville Rev. K. Richard Tonnonlah in a sermon Sunday, 02 June at the Church edifice notes that Liberia is in a hopeless situation currently, and Liberians should get on their knees and call on Jesus to show the way out in restoring hope, adding, “Remember, that Jesus is our storm calmer, who can change our mourning to dancing, and sorrows to joy.”

He says when life problems become hopeless and the night gets too long, Liberians should remember there is a God, who cares, and they must put their hope in Jesus, not man.
“Take it to the Lord in prayer; Liberia will be better for us all, even with or without June 7, 2019 (protest). Put your trust as a Church in Jesus and I know that Jesus will make away.”

Preaching on the theme: “Hope in the midst of hopelessness” with text from Acts 1:6-11, he narrates that once upon a time, Jesus and His disciples were on the sea of Galilee and a storm arose, while He was asleep in the bottom of the boat, but the disciples cried out to Jesus and He calmed the storm.

Rev. Tonnonlah stresses that unless Liberians turn to Jesus, hope will be elusive, saying, “ When Jesus spoke to the storm, He said ‘Peace; be still!’ and hope came for the disciples, leaving them to wonder what manner of man is this Jesus that even the wind obeyed Him?

He says when the government fails to address the cries of the people such as lack of price control and basic drugs in hospitals, while the city is engulfed in filth and children are gone missing or killed, no one to turn to but God and when He shows up, things will never remain the same.

Rev. Tonnonlah notes that when the time came for Liberians to choose a leader, they did ask God for direction, but instead, persisted in their demand for a countryman, saying “This desire to be ruled by “countryman”, rather than God’s chosen leader, has always been a major problem in our country.”

He recalls that in1980, Liberians celebrated in the street, native woman born soldier, but 10 years later, they raised a new chorus, “You killed my mom, you killed my pa, I will vote for you” and then about two years ago, they sang another song, “You know book , you not know book, we will vote for you.”

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He calls on Liberians to do away with Congo-Native mentality or politics because it is anti-developmental. Prove me wrong if you can, the natives are almost put us to shame and only the mercy of Jesus Christ can rescue us and no amount of protest. Come to think about it”, the Liberian cleric concludes.

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