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Man stabs 98-year -old woman

Police in Bong County have arrested a man believed to be in his early 20s for allegedly stabbing the two arms of a 98 – year – old woman Ma Esther Yarkpawolo with cutlass and allegedly plugging out the victim’s right eye.
Our correspondent says suspect Jonathan Dolo was arrested over the weekend in the County following the incident in Kpaai District, Bong County.

After his arrest, suspect Dolo told our correspondent that he was provoked by his colleagues George Tokpa, Mitchel Kollie and Emmanuel Juah on Sunday, 3 March when they alleged that he was in a loving relationship with the 98 year – old victim Ma Yarkpawolo.

Following the alleged provocation, suspect Dolo allegedly inflicted wounds on the old lady with cutlass while she was in bed, leading to serious bleeding from the victim’s eye.

Some of the eyewitnesses told our correspondent that the victim Ma Esther Yarkpawolo’s eye got completely damaged.

But doctors at the Phebe Hospital had not spoken to the press yet on the situation up to the time of this publication.

“They have always been telling me that I am loving to old-ma Esther and it makes me angry whenever they say such,” suspect Dolo explains.
He states that on Sunday, the guys were telling him the same thing and he got furious by their provocation.

“When I went to bed, it was like something entered in me so I immediately left my room and climbed in the ceiling and jumped into the room where old ma Esther was sleeping. When I knew that no one was around, I started to beat her with the front of the cutlass,” suspect Dolo narrates.
According to him, he wanted to kill victim Esther so his friends can stop provoking him of loving to her.

He accuses his three friends of conspiring with him to carry on the act.
Our Bong County correspondent says the police have arrested the three individuals who were accused by suspect Dolo.

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The three suspects have denied any wrongdoing, and promised to take the prime suspect to court if they are not guilty.Meanwhile, the police are expected to charge and send the four individuals to court.
By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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