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MFDP dismisses SOE chief

The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning or MFDP has with immediate effect dismissed Mr. Siafa Chowo, head of the State Owned Enterprise or SOE Unit at the Ministry for allegedly stealing over US$47,380.00 and L$1.9 Million.

Finance Minister Boima Kamara told a news conference in Monrovia Tuesday, 7 March that Mr. Chowo had secretly operated an account to which he allegedly diverted funds that were intended for national government.

“So we call this press conference to inform the public that Mr. Siafa Chowo will be made to restitute the amount of 47,380 US Dollars, and the 1. 9 million Liberian Dollars that he took from the account. And all those along with him that participated in stealing government funds, suspension will apply and he will therefore be turned over to the Ministry of Justice for justice to take its course”, Minister Kamara said.

The MFDP Boss announced that Mr. Chowo’s service has been terminatedas a result of opening a secret account through which he allegedlystole the amount in question without seeking his (Minister Kamara’s)approval.

Minister Kamara says, Mr. Siafa Chowo and the Accountant General Mr.Sekou Sannor opened an account without his (Minister Kamara’s)permission. He said their action was wrong on grounds that the Public Financial Management Law dictates that any public account that shall be opened must meet the full approval of the Minister of Finance.

With support of his dedicated colleagues, Minister Kamara hasreaffirmed that the ministry under his watch has turned a new page toallow for respect in adherence to the rules that govern the managementof government resources.

He pointed out that the PFM Act is there to direct how government’s resources must be spent, and anybody that goes outside of the ruleswill be found wanted.
–Editing by Winston W. Parley


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