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Missing man’s skeleton discovered

Man skeleton discovered NDThe skeleton of a 29-year-old man, identified as Nya Quee, has been discovered in Bain-Gowee Town, electoral district#1, Nimba County. The late Nya Quee, who reportedly went missing September, 2014 was a motorcyclist.

Residents of Bain-Gowee discovered the bones believed to be that of Nya in his rubber farm over the weekend. The mother of the deceased narrated to The NewDawnNimba correspondent that prior to his reported disappearance, her son had heavily indebted to several individuals and a local Susu club.

Madam YarMongonweay, a mother of seven, lamented that her son was also in confusion with his girlfriend, who left for neighboring Guinea. Our correspondent, who went on the scene, said he saw rope tied around the skull of the deceased lying on his back with his neck twisted one side, some pieces of his 206 bones littered around and his trousers still on him.

By Franklin Doloquee, Nimba – Edited by Jonathan    

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