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MoF clarifies staff dismissal

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says its attention has been drawn to a press statement released by a former employee, Mr. Baccus Manipakei Carr, in which he accused officials of the Ministry of illegal dismissal.

The Ministry wishes to strongly reject claims in Mr. Carr’s press release, which it terms as an intentional distortion of facts to directly arouse public sentiments on an issue which was strictly administrative and dealt with meticulously.

For public information, Mr. Carr, on May 2nd and 9th, 2017 sent life threatening messages to the Deputy Minister for Administration, Mr. Edward Eesiah, after the Ministry had taken some initial administrative action against him.

Despite his gross insubordination, there was an initial inclination to resolve this matter amicably. However, Mr. Carr’s obstinate attitude made it impossible. It should be noted that Mr. Baccus Carr’s dismissal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was an administrative decision that conformed fully with the Civil Service Agency (CSA) Standing Orders, which stipulate punitive measures against unacceptable behavior of government employees and civil servants.

The Ministry believes that Mr. Carr has the right to seek appropriate recourse with the courts, if he believes that his rights were violated by his dismissal instead of resorting to blackmail and public vilification of officials of the Ministry in the press and on social media.

Instead of an intended public smear campaign being undertaken by Mr. Carr, he is advised to answer to the crime of “terroristic threat” levied against him by the National Security Agency and forwarded to the Ministry of Justice. –Press release

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