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Monrovia Submerges

Monrovia Submerges NDThe city of Monrovia and its environs was seriously overtaken by flood following a very heavy down poll of rain early Monday morning. Thousands of dollars worth of properties were destroyed, while hundreds of residents were made homeless. Hundreds of government workers either arrived at work very late or did not go to work at all as a result of the heavy rains.

Communities affected by the flood include Slipway , Doe Community, Logan Town, Sinkor, Clara Town, as well as Barnesville Township and Battery factory, among others.  This paper visited these communities and saw some of the residents in tears, while others victims were relocating their remaining properties that they could lay their hands on to a safe place.

“The government urgently needs to come to our aid; because this is the first of its kind for such thing to happen here since I and my family moved into this community. At first, the water will come and it will stop at foundation level, but now it has taken over the foundation,” Pap smith – a resident of Battery factory narrated.

Another female victim – seven-month pregnant, also claimed that their belongings were all swept away by the flood, indicating that it all began Sunday night when she and her family were kept awake by the heavy rains to prevent the water from entering, but to no avail.

As for Patrick Doe – another victim of the Stephen Tolbert Estate in Gardinersville, outside Monrovia, his survival was at the mercy of God as he almost got drown, while his family lost almost everything they had. A victim of the Slipway Community, who also spoke to reporters Monday morning also narrated that his labor throughout the year went in “tin air” as everything of his was washed into the Measurado River which burst its bank into the various homes, including his, including US$1,500 kept to pay fees for his children.

Mr. Joseph Chea – seen retrieving a few of his belongings from the flood water, noted that he needed to find the money in other to pay the fees for his children. Another victim – an old lady also seen in her room with water all over, complained of being tired fighting back the water.

By Ben P. Wesee

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