Mwetana holds an annual conference to address challenges at schools

By Lewis S. Teh

Renowned IT consultancy company Mwetana has held a one-day annual conference to listen to challenges that high universities and high school authorities face in using the company’s online platform, Scholink.

 Scholink is an online platform initiative operated by Mwetana to manage school systems.

It helps universities and high schools address some of the administrative problems that they encounter daily.

“This initiative is geared towards our clients, particularly school management systems,” said Mr. Jones CEO of Mwetana.

“Schools are created to impact knowledge and not to worry about management.”

Also speaking to a team of journalists following the conference, the president of the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary Dr. Momodu Armstrong Massaquoi said they are one of the many subscribers of Mwetana.

He said the platform has made it easier for students to carry out their schoolwork effectively.

He said the school has been in partnership with Mwetana for the past four years and the platform has been very excellent.

“The new features that are being offered with making payments and registration are so great,” said Dr. Massaquoi.

Dr. Massaquoi noted that they saw that students had to be on campus struggling to have their registration process done, something he noted had put huge pressure on the registrar.

“All these are reasons why we thought to subscriber with Mwetana for the usage of this platform,” Dr. Massaquoi noted.

“As we speak, digital technology has transformed education and we thought to align ourselves with international best practices like what Mwetana is offering.”

He indicated that the impact that Scholink has made has reduced the overcrowding of the registrar’s office, and it has created accessibility for students to their grades and registration without being on campus.

He described Scholink as a user-friendly platform that students can download on their phone or laptop to make work easier.

He further called on all Liberians to take advantage of the platform, saying it excites him that Mwetana is a Liberian-owned company that introduced the innovation.

Founded in 2006, Mwetana is a digital transformation engineer and software development firm that provides cutting-edge engineering solutions, helping governments, companies enterprises, and clients untangle complex issues that always emerge during the digital journey.

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