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Nimba youths want CSDF money spend on recreation center

Youth delegates from the 17 administrative Districts of Nimba met in Saclepea Saturday where they reached a resolution to use $80,000 USD off $121,000USD Youth Empowerment money allotted from the County Social Development Fund (CSDF).

The forum was organized by the project Management Committee (PMC) of Nimba in collaboration with the sub-office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
About three years ago, the county Council Sitting appropriated $50,000USD 2012/2013; additional $50,000USD 2013/2014, and $21,000USD during the 2014/2015 Council sitting, bringing the total amount to $121,000USD from the County Social Development Fund.
This year, the PMC made available $80,000USD of the total money set aside for youth development in the province.
At the forum, the 56 youth delegates drawn from the 17 Administrative Districts in the County decided that eighty percent of the available $80,000USD be used to construct what it refers to as the “Nimba Youth and Recreational Center” in Saclepea.

The resolution also says; twenty percent of said fund should be used for the completion of four Youth self-initiative projects stagnated in Ganta, Bahn, Karnplay, and Sanniquellie due to tresult of lack of money.
The county Social Development Fund are accumulations of all social corporate contributions from concession companies (Arcelor Mittal Liberia, BHP Billiton) operating in the County. This year marks the first in history for the youth of the County to decide the usage of allocation from the county Council Sitting due to lack in an organized youth structure.

By: Allen/Wellington-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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