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NPP must be grateful to CDC

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President George MannehWeah’s advisor on communications Mr. Gabriel Nyenkan says the National Patriotic Party (NPP) must be grateful to the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) because the NPP had become a striped frame of a vehicle and could bring nothing to the tripartite arrangement to rules as the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

“[The] NPP must be grateful to the Congress for Democratic Change. Kelvin, we know in this town that the NPP had become a striped frame of a vehicle and could bring nothing to the table, save the experience that you talked about. And that was all. Even money they did not have,” Nyenkan claimed during a live talk show on Prime FM Tuesday, 13 April.

The ruling coalition is made up of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) of President George Manneh Weah; the NPP of Vice President Jewel Howard – Taylor and the Liberian People Democratic Party (LPDP) of former House Speaker J. Alex Tyler.

Nyenkan further questioned the sort of experience the NPP brought to the table, pondering if the foreign policy construct of the NPP government which ruled Liberia under imprisoned ex- president Charles Ghankay Taylor was the mutilation of limbs in neighboring Sierra Leone and whether this is what the CDC government should follow, among others.

“Now, I will not take anything the NPP people advised on face value because their governance for six years did not speak to the fact that they did well. Let’s be honest. In as much as we needed them, but they will give us some practical experience on things,” Mr. Nyenkan says.

Besides, Nyenkan claimed that the tripartite arrangement that makes up the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change does not seem to be an NPP issue, suggesting instead that “it seems to be a … Vice President Chief Jewel Howard – Taylor issue.”

According to Nyenkan, the arrangement shouldn’t be an individual thing, but the institution, adding that when NPP Chairman James Biney was trying to do a few things, Vice President Taylor argued that Biney was proceeding wrongly and therefore allegedly undermined his chairmanship.

The presidential advisor on communication contends that there was a fight that took the NPP to court, saying it was all about James Biney siding with President Weah and he was accused of trying to merge the NPP with the CDC as Vice President Taylor was opposed to Biney’s moves.

Nyenkan says he understands that Madam Howard – Taylor came from the Executive Mansion as First Lady and had advised the [former] president of this country [Charles Ghankay Taylor] even in her bedroom, but she has to manage the situation now and know that here, she is next to somebody who is the president and she can’t always have her way.

“Because then you must understand firstly he’s a man, secondly he’s your boss. You will not control your husband just by the fact that you are Vice President of Liberia, just understand that,” he continues.
Nyenkan acknowledges that Vice President Howard – Taylor is very knowledgeable and one of the highest educated ladies in government, adding that her experience puts her mass apart from every other lady in this country.

“When you talk politics, [former President] Ellen [Johnson – Sirleaf] first, second, Jewel Howard Taylor. No lady in Liberia’s history has had the opportunity to achieve much, to know much about governance. Maybe that’s the reason why she feels she should be president instead of vice president,” Nyenkan claims.

“This woman is highly educated, but yet still I expect that she will manage her ego. You know … maybe the mentality is, but then who is George Weah? But he’s president. You know, where does he come from? He comes from Gibraltar, played football and so forth, I have been here, I have been First Lady, you know I have a law degree, I have Master’s degree. I have been here in politics all my life,” Nyenkan asserts.

He suggests that Vice President Taylor should speak to President Weah honestly on some issues, and if he doesn’t go along, she has to leave it.

The former Montserrado County Representative wonders if you will go out opposing a decision reached after a group which you a part of has debated an issue for maybe three hours and your opinion did not eventuate as the final.

“I assume for the argument that “B” is the correct path, but if you don’t have what it takes, the pedigree to convince everybody in the room that “B” is the correct path then of course you lose. And when you lose you go with the group because then you can’t stay with the group and differ with the group,” he argues.

“And that’s the problem with the Vice President, with all due respect to her and all the guys in the office there. They are my brothers, you know, they are my brothers … I know them very well,” Nyenkan adds.

He explains additionally that he has had issues, whether with President Weah or Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill, but when the group takes a decision, you go with the group or resign if you can’t propagate the group’s decision.

By Winston W. Parley

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