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Nyanti wants 2023 elections audited

The political leader of the African Liberation League (ALL) Rev. Sara Beysolow-Nyanti has proposed a full audit of the 2023 elections to identify weaknesses and proffer solutions for future elections.

“After the 2023 elections, a full audit should be conducted to identify weaknesses and proffer solutions for future elections, including assessing the current electoral laws to ensure they are sufficient,” she said in a statement Monday, 16 October 2023.

The female presidential candidate however commended the National Elections Commission (NEC) for its efforts despite numerous constraints. 

However, she acknowledged irregularities and concerns that raise questions about the full expression of every registered voter’s will. 

“In spite of these concerns, when the final results are announced, we must all accept it or take a legal pathway,” she noted. 

Rev. Beysolow-Nyanti urged everyone to partner with NEC to strengthen the institution, as it is critical to Liberia’s democracy. 

If there is a potential runoff, she recommended a debriefing session involving all candidates to benefit from their collective wisdom and experiences over the last few months. 

“Having led elections support and transitional justice advocacy in various countries, including the Gambia’s contested 2016 elections, I understand the challenges of supporting countries in conflict and recognize the signs of countries on the verge of it,” she said. 

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Madam Beysolow-Nyanti said Liberia must show the international community that their billions of dollars investment in Liberia was not in vain.

She added that Liberia’s challenges require collective Liberian solutions that transcend tribal affiliations, political allegiances, and religious beliefs. 

“Our Liberian identity must come before everything else. Chaos is easy, but building is difficult. Our commitment to peace will be tested in the coming days, and we must emerge victorious to achieve sustainable development,” she urged.

She applauded all Liberians for peacefully voting in these elections despite shouldering their own security responsibilities without international community forces. 

“I thank our valued partners for their support during this critical phase in our country’s history,” she said. 

She noted that while Liberians have been relatively peaceful, she must acknowledge the growing tension and apprehension. 

“It is concerning that there is a sentiment that there will be violence after the final results are announced. We must work to mitigate these negative perceptions,” she said. 

She reminded Liberians that the country’s history is filled with bloodshed, and it is time to reconcile and not add to this pain. 

She noted that God desires Liberians’ prosperity and good health, but … and it cannot be achieved in conflict. 

She said she joined the presidential race to impact the process and the people, adding that she initiated the opposition agreement to work together to protect the votes of the Liberian people.

Due to that, Madam Beysolow-Nyanti said she will continue to speak in that regard. 

“The upcoming results will not change my belief in or stop my resolve in pursuing nation-building, unity, reconciliation, and poverty reduction as Liberia’s much needed solutions,” said Madam Beysolow-Nyanti. 

She suggested that moving, Liberia forward cannot be done by the president alone but requires the efforts of all Liberians. 

“Let history remember that we stood united for our unity and progress. May God bless Liberia, protect our nation, and prosper our people,” she noted.

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