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Paynesville City to benefit library valued US$2m

-V.P. Taylor, PCC, partners break grounds

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Paynesville, a densely populated city on the outskirt of Monrovia, is expected to benefit its first ever modern public library at an estimated cost of US$2 million.The City which has thousands of privately-owned institutions with few public schools is yet to have a public library for school-going kids to perform research and other academic works.
The Liberia Learning Center is a collaborative project spearheaded by Canadian Charity “Empowerment Squared” in partnership with the Rotary International, Rotary Club of Hamilton, Rotary Club of Monrovia, the Paynesville City Corporation, McCallum Sather and the Hamilton Public Library, respectively.

As part of efforts in making the long-awaited dream a reality, Liberia’s Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor joined scores of government officials, and international partners on Monday October 14, 2019 to break grounds for the construction of the library.
The project is expected to be executed in multiple phases on the site of the Paynesville City Hall.

Vice President Taylor notes that library is a critical component of the educational sector of Liberia, as such, it is a welcoming development that students in the City of Paynesville and suburbs will benefit from the initiative.She said research is now a challenge among the student populace of Liberia due to the inaccessibility of Libraries across cities and communities.

Madam Taylor commended the Paynesville City Government, and its partners for working tirelessly to achieve this dream, and hoped that upon completion, it will serve as a center of wisdom and understanding for Liberian students and children in general.

Giving an insight of the proposed center, the Mayor of the City of Paynesville, E. Pam Belcher- Taylor, no relations to Veep Taylor, noted that the new learning center will help provide a calm and healthy learning environment for Liberian children.

The transformational project according to Mayor Belcher-Taylor will include Liberia’s first postwar comprehensive learning center and library, co-working and business incubation space, sports and recreation and events facilities, amongst others She further revealed that the facility when fully constructed, will develop students’ vocabulary skills as well as enhance their comprehensive and individual developments, amongst others.She added that it will also provide traditional and modern means to conduct research with the assistance of qualified Librarians and many others.

Mayor Belcher-Taylor said the project will benefit the local communities especially in the absence of Libraries which now makes it difficult for students to access information while during assignments, making reference to the Sciences.The Center will also show case the accessing of information electronically through the means of tablets, she added.

In remarks, the Executive Director of the Empowerment Squared Leo Nupolu Johnson encouraged Liberians to change current tense political discussion in the country and focus on addressing solutions, noting, “We need to save Liberia ourselves, if not, we are on our own.”
Mr. Johnson, a Liberian based in Canada, said it is now time for Liberians to have a few faithful and committed leaders to move the Country forward, instead of having more people who are not committed to the cause of development and peace.

He re-echoed the need for national government to invest in the people whom he described as the Nation’s greatest assets.Mr. Johnson who is also a partner to the Liberian Learning Center urged his few compatriots in the diaspora to think about their Country by coming back to invest.

Mopntserrado County Electoral District # 6 Representative, Samuel Enders noted: “This is the reason that I joined my Colleagues on Capitol Hill sign the dual citizen bill, I don’t know the status of this young man who have so much passion for his Country”
Using the case of Executive Director of the Empowerment Squared Leo Nupolu Johnson, Rep. Enders said there are many Liberians aboard who took out citizenship of other countries and are willing to invest here, but need some form of protection.He commended the Canadian teams and other partners for a great vision to a place that would enable students do their academic works.

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