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Police Chief of Traffic pleads with Public Works

Police Chief of Traffic Prince Davies is calling on the Ministry of Public (MPW) to help fix the road leading from Duala to Vai Town on Bushroad Island to ease traffic constraints there.

Speaking to this paper Thursday, 21 September at his office at the Liberia National Police Headquarter on Capitol Hill, Mr. Davies said the road leading from Duala to Vai Town is in a very deplorable condition.

The police traffic chief observes that the road condition is leaving people to stay hours in traffic just between Duala and Vai Town, causing workers and business people not to get to their various places on time.

He emphasizes that due to the bad condition of the road, police have introduced a new traffic regulation to help reduce the traffic during the morning and evening hours.
‘’Between 7am to 9am, we have all the cars that are heading towards Duala to use the Garnerville road and come out to the Jamaica [Road] Junction; and then the cars heading towards town can have the full lean to reduce the traffic and help people get to town on time,’’ he says.

Mr. Davies says even if Public Works can come and put rocks in the pop holes, it will help them a lot and citizen will go about doing their normal business freely. He says for the past time, police have [asked] the Ministry of Public to come and help with the condition, but the Ministry has not come to their call up to now.

In a follow up with the Ministry of Public Works through phone calls and text message sent to Public Affairs chief Mr. Jusufu Keita, there was no response given this paper by the Ministry in reaction to the police’s call.

By Bridgett Milton–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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