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PYJ threatens community radio stations

Under pressure Nimbia County controversial Senator Prince Yormie Johnson, paranoid by increasing calls for the establishment of war crimes tribunal for Liberia, threatens to shut down community radio stations in Nimba, for giving their platforms to critics to bad mouth him.

He describes such practice as counter-productive to peace, saying it has the propensity to create problems in the county.This is the second time Senator Johnson is accusing community radio stations in Nimba for going after him.

Since he issued the threat, his supporters in the county are vowing to go after journalists there, who will provide air time to critics of the Senator.During the recent county sitting, Senator Johnson reiterated the threat in Ganta City.

But the president for the Nimbia County Community Radio Association, Kennedy Domah, terms the claims by PYJ as far from the truth.He says local journalists in the county are well trained and they uphold principles of good journalism, and would never allow themselves to be used by any individual to tarnish the characters of others.

He says the radio is for all citizens and this is how they have operated, promoting peace and unity among the citizens.Mr. Domah calls on the association to continue to subscribe to ethical standards in helping to foster peace and unity in Nimba.

Senator PYJ recently threatened to target homes of his kinsmen, including Representatives Larry P. Younquoi, Samuel G.Korga and Cllr.Tiawan Gongloe, for advocating for the establishment of a war crimes court, vowing that he and his loyalists will go after them in their respective homes.

He had vowed to resist arrest if such tribunal were established for the country that could see him appear for prosecution for his role as leader of the defunct rebels Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia or INPFL that committed series of atrocities here during the Liberian Civil War.

By Thomas Domah/Nimba–Editing by Jonathan Browne


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