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Referendum not about me

-Weah says he can declare his children citizens

President George Manneh Weah is urging Liberians to vote yes to dual citizenship and all other proposals in the referendum, arguing that his quest for dual citizenship is not about him because as President he has the right to declare his children citizens of Liberia.

Speaking in Kingjor, Grand Cape Mount County Monday, 30 November at the campaign of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC’s) senatorial candidate Mr. Victor Watson, Mr. Weah said when dual citizenship is passed in the referendum, Liberians will enjoy the fruit of it.

“So in the referendum, it is not because of me, it’s because of all of us. You see I have a privilege, as the president, my children can come home anytime, I have the right to say you are citizens because I am the president now. But it is not because of me,” he says.

President Weah notes that people always say the white race is racist, but Liberians are at the same time not accepting those that have different passports and are alienating their own people.

Mr. Weah encourages his supporters to vote yes to all propositions in the referendum just as they will vote Mr. Victor Watson in Grand Cape Mount County on 8 December.

Mr. Weah’s comments on the referendum come in support of the statement by his Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Mr. Nathaniel McGill on the need to vote yes to all the proposals in the referendum.
McGill recently argued that the recommendations in the referendum including reduction of the tenures of the president and representatives from six to five years; nine to seven years for senators; approval for dual citizenship, among others, did not come from President George Manneh Weah, but Liberians themselves.

The Weah administration insists that the president does not intend to seek a third term.
President Weah urges CDC partisans in Grand Cape Mount County to be party disciplined by voting the party’s candidate Mr. Watson, saying he’s their son.

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Mr. Weah says for the government to achieve its objectives, it needs people in the Senate who are supportive of the administration and prepare to debate issues in the interest of the government. By Winston W. Parley

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