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Sen. Wesseh wants quick Senate intervention

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An executive of the former ruling Unity Party, Senator Conmany B. Wesseh has sounded a warning to colleagues in the Senate to act quickly in adverting another blood bath in the country as political violent begins to rear its ugly head.

In a 3-point note to colleague senators on Capitol Hill, Sen. Wesseh anticipates a qucik move by the Legislature, particularly the Senate to prevent the destruction of the 17 years of hard won peace here following violent displayed against opposition figures in Grand Gedeh County.

Mr. Wesseh’s comment comes in the wake of attacks and undemocratic comments coming from officials of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to attack and at the same time deny opposition figures the right to access state own buildings to hold political rallies.

“The orders should be swift actions of condemnation and investigation into: 1. What happened today (29 July) in Zwedru – the attack on visiting opposition political leaders (Hon. Alexander B. Cummings, Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties and former Presidential Candidate of the ANC and Hon. Yekeh Kolubah, Member of the House of Representatives) by apparent state organized and sponsored mob; and the deployment of the Armed Forces of Liberia to escort the peaceful leaders out of a town in their own country.” Said Mr. Wesseh.

“Note that the Army and police were not deployed, and the Superintendent and other County officials physically present, to help enforce the right of the leaders to conduct their lawful business in Zwedru; rather it was for the leaders to be “escorted” out of Grand Gedeh County so that the mob would achieve their heinous and unlawful objective.”

Sen. Wesseh explained that two days earlier, the unconfirmed and therefore indefinite Acting Mayor of Fishtown, capital of River County, denied the same visiting opposition leaders the use of the City Hall, a publicly funded building, for their lawful meeting.

He said as if that is the trend being adapted by ruling party officials, few days earlier, the Superintendent of Maryland County declared to an errant crowd of CDCians that the Army and Police are for them to use anyhow, anywhere and anytime for any purpose.

“Sir and Senate Colleagues, all these developments are a call to armed violence again and a threat to peace in our country. For the sake of those of us like George Manneh Weah and many innumerable Liberians who spent 14 years (December 1989 to August 2003) searching for that peace and those of our mainly West African brothers and sisters (ECOMOG and ECOMIL) and the internationals (UNOMIL and UNMIL) who laid down their lives for Liberia to live, and the more than 250000 deaths, we the Legislature are duty bound to prevent the return to that ugly, shameful and ignominious past. The Senate must begin acting now to safe our Country,” Sen. Wesseh concluded.

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