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Senate staffers honor Sen. Gaye

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The Staffers Association at the Liberian Senate has through its spokesperson Charles Brown, honored Grand Gedeh County Senator G. Alphonso Gaye over the weekend as the most cooperative Senator.

The ceremony which took place in the office of the Grand Gedeh County Senator brought together staffers from different departments at the Liberian Senate.

Presenting the certificate on behalf of the group, the spokesperson who recently led the group to a protest for salaries and benefits, Mr. Charles Brown said it was through Senator Gaye’s instrumentality that they were able to be part of the funding from the extra sitting.

According to Brown, Senator Gaye he headed the committee to probe the Senate staffers’ concerns recently.

He notes that Senator Gaye has been working with them for years. Mr, Brown recalls that the Grand Gedeh Senator while serving as a Transport Minister, had a good working relationship with the staffers at the Ministry, as well other places he worked including USAID and Oxfam which he left honorably.

“Let us give his flower whilst he’s alive. He’s a people centered person and cares for everyone. Since he’s not contesting the Senatorial seat again, we the staffers have decided to thank and appreciate you for your service to the people of Grand Gedeh and for cooperatively working with us the staffers over the years,” Mr. Brown indicates.

In response, the honoree Senator G. Alphonso Gaye thanks the staffers for recognizing him as the most cooperative Senator among the 30 senators at the Liberian Senate.

Senator Gaye however notes that through his human relations with people he worked with, he has always been honored when exiting a position. He adds that he worked with the USAID and Oxfam and he was honored as an outstanding manager by the staffers.

He further states that when he was General Services Agency (GSA) Director, the staffers prayed for him to lose the Senatorial elections so that he could retain his position.

“When I was at Transport Ministry, one could get his driver license within 45 minutes and get their car registration documents within a week. It’s the grace of God that [is] carrying me to lead the people rightly. I’m against tribalism, I see everyone equal despite your religious background, tribal background or level in the society,” Senator Gaye adds.

He however says he believes that the certificate is with good date, noting that he wasn’t asked to pay to be certificated. The outgoing Grand Gedeh County Senator notes that it’s human relations that makes him works with people freely and cooperatively.

By Ethel A Tweh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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